*Use your STOCKPILE to spread some HOLIDAY CHEER!

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Holiday Cheer with Your Stockpile

stockpile basket

A while back I made a post asking you if your STOCKPILE made OTHERS Happy………Well, here is another way it can!

I’m DONE shopping~ Time and MONEY WISE! I had three more gifts to get and instead of running around all over town, I just headed to the STOCKPILE!! What a wonderful way to utilize COUPONING and SAVING MONEY when needing holiday gifts!

The first basket is for the “SNACK-A-HOLIC” in my life who shall remain NAMELESS! (No, it’s not me!)~ 🙂

Imagine the look on their face when they unwrap these GOODIES!! From Sweet to Savory, the contents of this basket initially cost me barely anything, but NOW, those things have been transformed into a pretty impressive gift!
This could be a great gift for a group at your office, teaching staff, a family or for anyone who has one heck of a sweet tooth! No matter who you give it to, I promise they will be impressed!!

To purchase these items on the fly to put this basket together, you’d spend over $50!!

Now we have the “Girl Next Door” Basket!!

stockpile basket

I have the SWEETEST neighbor lady who is a single mom who works harder than anyone I know. It pains me to know that she doesn’t feel she has time to coupon because of how many hours she works~ plus, she would NEVER buy these things for herself!! It made me so happy to put this together so that my boys can leave it by her door on Christmas! 🙂

Once again, this cost me next to nothing, but if I were to head to Walgreens tonight to pick these things up,
it would cost me close to $65!!!

And then there is my neice~ the “COVER GIRL“!

stockpile basket

My niece is only 10 years old, but is a total COVER GIRL! I filled a tapestry box
with crazy colors of nail polish and lip gloss, and (very light!) colors of eyeshadows as well as a fun
Kabuki brush 🙂 I know that she will be in makeup HEAVEN when she visits this season!! She probably would’ve also loved a princess ring as an add-on to this gift pack, but maybe I’ll keep that for next time.

If I would have NOT had my stockpile to pull ALL of this from, it would have cost me upwards of $50.00!!

So, if you need the perfect gift for that special person, think outside of the STORE and head to the STOCKPILE!!
You can make a heartfelt gift for ANYONE on your list and not spend any more money!!!

Happy Holidays from the Wizards!!

In Addition, here are some MORE ideas from Fellow Wizards!! There are LOTS of amazing ideas when creating gift baskets!! Check them out!

Wiz Kid Cheryl “I made “CoverGirl Gift bags this year! I made 3 large gift bags overflowing with make-up and still have some leftover. There is well over $100. worth of products in each bag. I also made up a NAIL CARE/MANICURE bag for my oldest granddaughter-filled it with Sally Hansen and Revlon nail tools and polishes-about $75 worth of items.”

Wiz Kid Angela “I made “free” gift bags for loved ones that i usually don’t buy for, but wish i could! you guys helped me get so much free stuff just in the past 3 months that i’ve been couponing:) thanks!”

Wiz Kid Christine “I did goodie bags for my CNA’s this year and they loved them. I also added homemade breads to mine. I let the girls pick a bag not knowing what was inside. The all loved the color of the nail poish they picked and were floored by the razors that were in there. I couldn’t have done it without the wizards help.”



  1. Jennifer Driesch says

    I LOVE your ideas here….and for us people who have been couponing it shows us from the stuff we have that would go great together as a gift and for the people who are new to couponing it shows them that we really do use the stuff we get for practical purposes. GREAT job Melissa!!!

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