Target Beauty Bags, 3 Uses for Them

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3 Uses for the Target Beauty Bags

Do you wonder what to do with those pretty, free Target Beauty bags after you’ve used the samples and coupons? I have found a different purpose for each one and carry them all inside my day purse. I like that they are all different colors, since it makes it easy to grab the one I need. If you have been couponing for some time so you will notice that most of the items were either free or money makers.

Target Beauty Bags use 1

First Aid Kit:

7-10 Band-Aids
4-6 Alcohol Wipes
Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes
Pain Relief (Advil)
Allergy Pills (Zyrtec)
Benadryl Itch- Stick

Bags use 2

Beauty Bag:

Lip Gloss
Lip Balm
Nail Clippers
Emery Boards
Whatever else you need to feel pretty in a pinch!

Target beauty bags use 3

Son’s Rescue Meds:

Disposable Changing Mat
Rescue Medicine
Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Medical ID Bracelet

What uses have you found for your Target beauty bags? I’d love ideas, since I am waiting on the newest one!ย 

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  1. I’ve come up with a good use for all of mine- organizing the stuff I need for work so it doesn’t all get lost in my larger bag. I wait tables so I use the blue one for change, the purple one for misc. things I need like pens, wine key, etc., and the striped one for makeup. It’s a huge help.

  2. I keep one in the glove compartment with some feminine products

  3. I used one to hold nail polish, Revlon nail kit, and buffer, along with nail stickers as a gift for my niece. When I travel I place my jewelry in one. They are padded to protect, and the zipper means no more lost earrings! I also use one as a makeup bag. I don’t wear a lot so it is perfect.

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