Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 Free Sales

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Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 Sales

Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 SalesThere are a lot of confusing scenarios in the coupon world, but few have left me stumped with the exception of Buy 2 Get 1 Free (B2G1) sales combined with Buy 1 Get 1 Free (BOGO) coupons. Then one day I decided to sit down and break it down. Since then I refer to my notes whenever using BOGO coupons comes at the same time as a B2G1 sale. I thought I’d break it down for you now, since I’m about to post a deal on Glade Plugins currently going on at Publix that uses this exact scenario. Forever loving my charts, I put the scenario into chart form as well as a verbal explanation.

Hopefully using BOGO coupons with these types of sales will make a bit more sense for you in the future, once I lay it all out for you. To start with, we’ll use my Publix example, but this will work at almost any store that will let you use coupons on free items AND that is “True BOGO.” Meaning, you pay full price for one and get the other free, as opposed to each item being 50% off. Bottom line, if your store is true BOGO, you have a BOGO coupon and there’s a B2G1 store sale, you end up buying one and getting 2 for free (using Steps 1 – 3 below). My explanation below goes into a bit more detail though, showing you how to maximize savings if you have more than one BOGO coupon.

Right now at Publix, Glade Plugins 2-pks are on sale B2G1 free and the cost of each is $5.49. On the Target website there’s a Glade Plugins 2-pk BOGO free store coupon available to print. In the end, I got 6 Glade Plugins and used 3 Target coupons, leaving me paying for 1 and getting the other 5 free. Below is the how & the why of it.

Using BOGO Coupons on B2G1 Sales Breakdown:
  • Step 1 – Get 2 Glade Plugin packs @ $5.49 ea or $10.98 total.
  • Step 2 – Utilize 1 BOGO coupon and it will take off $5.49, leaving you paying $5.49 for the 2. (See line A below)
  • Step 3 – Now that you have the two Glade Plugins from above, it will trigger the free one from the store sale. Remember the B2G1 free sale? You’ve technically bought 2, even though you only paid for one, so this 3rd one is free from the store sale. You have now paid for 1 and gotten 2 free. (see line B below)

How to Maximize Your Savings w/ More BOGO Coupons

  • Step 4 – That free one you just got from the store sale? Use your 2nd BOGO coupon on that Plugin and get a 3rd one free, bringing your total to 1 paid for, 3 free. (see line C below)
  • Step 5 – Now you have 2 more Plugins. Guess what? It triggers another free one from the store, bringing your total to 1 paid, 4 free (see line D below), but we have one more to do.
  • Step 6 – That free one you just got above from the B2G1 sale? Use your 3rd BOGO coupon and receive one more free (see line E below). Your final total is now 1 paid for and 5 for free!



Pay For Get Free Why?


1 & 2

Amazon Prime Banner 1
$5.49 $5.49 BOGO coupon



$5.49 Free from store B2G1 sale (from steps 1 & 2)



$5.49 BOGO coupon (from the one in step 3)



$5.49 Free from store B2G1 sale (from the 2 in Steps 3&4)



$5.49 BOGO coupon (from the one in Step 5)


Using BOGO coupons on a B2G1 free sale can be a bit confusing, but if you read over my explanation a few times, and maybe even create your own chart as you go along, a light bulb will eventually go off. I cannot tell a lie, this scenario doesn’t come up a lot, so I almost always have to come look at my notes. Just bookmark this page and the next time it comes up, you can refer back here and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n roll too!

Until next time, Coupon Happy!


  1. Publix is having hummus bogo this week at $3.99, Publix always halfs the items so one @ $1.99 the other @ $2.00, I have bogo coupons on the hummus. I do not understand how I am suppose to use the coupons.

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