Manufacturer Coupons, Using them Online

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Using Manufacturer Coupons Online

manufacturer couponsYou didn’t misread the title. Believe it or not, there are places online that will accept manufacturer coupons. You may have to do an extra step while you are shopping, but hey, every cent counts, right? Of course it does, otherwise, what are we all doing here anyway?

When my older daughter was born, it was winter in the Pocono Mountains of PA. Not exactly “pack up a newborn and head out” kind of weather. As a new mom, I received a large amount of flyers in the mail along with freebies, advertisements, coupons; you name it. Among them was a coupon for a website called Could it really be that easy? I had to see for myself.  You know what? It really was easy.

Using Manufacturer Coupons on

There was a promotion running for $10 off my first purchase. Great! I can use a $10.00 credit toward my purchase –  we all know how expensive diapers are. But it gets better. Spend $49 or more anytime and anything you order ships for free. Oh, and it’s not 2 week shipping for free, either,  it’s 2 DAY shipping. I began using on a regular basis and was very happy with their service. I was also receiving diaper coupons in the mail from Pampers and Huggies mailers I’d signed up for. I looked at their website and discovered they accept coupons! All I had to do was mail them to their PO Box with a note – my  name, email address, and account number and they were applied to my account. I could login and see that they were waiting to be redeemed! carries more than just diapers.  They carry anything and everything remotely related to babies, kids, toddlers, mom, toys, books, games, feeding, sleeping, traveling… the list goes on and on.  If you have kids, or are expecting your first baby, or are just looking for an easier way to get what you need for your kids, check out  I’m glad I did!


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