Valentine Garland – Easy and Frugal

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Valentine Garland – Easy and Frugal

Valentine Garland – Easy and Frugal

Decorating your house for Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be costly. Make an inexpensive Valentine’s Garland reminiscent of those pastel heart candies . hang them on a wall, across a mantel or doorway or drape them on a banister. The delicate pastel doily hearts create a sweet, romantic effect. It’s also a great Valentine’s craft to do with kids, since it is relatively easy and the results are dramatic.
Stop by the supermarket and pick up a dollar package of paper heart doilies and start your frugal and beautiful Valentine’s day garland craft.

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Valentine Garland Materials:
  • Food coloring
  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 small bowls
  • Heart shaped paper doilies
  • Baking cooling rack
  • Needle & thread
Valentine Garland Steps:
  1. Divide water between bowls. Add food coloring to water. Use plenty of color. The water color does not indicate the shade of the final project.  Doilies will dry with a soft tint of color. (photo)
  2. Place heart shaped doilies, one at a time, into colored water. Let soak 1-2 minutes.
  3. Dry dollies on parchment paper to avoid sticking to surfaces or staining. Place parchment paper on top of a cooling rack to speed drying time.
  4. When dry use a needle and thread to easily string hearts together. (photo)
  5. Hang (photo x 2)

Valentine Garland – Easy and Frugal pics

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