Valentines Floral Arrangements Part 2

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DIY Valentines Floral Arrangements

 Valentines Floral Arrangements

Continued: DIY Valentines Floral Arrangements. In my first blog post on making your own Valentines flower arrangement, it focused on a single plant with a small container. In the following photos I want to move onto something a little more unique when it comes to pots. We’ve already concluded I got most of my plants with money maker coupons, or in some cases, I used rewards as I have a drug store already putting garden supplies out.

All three of the following floral arrangements were not intended for living plants as they didn’t have holes at the bottom of the pots. This is not a problem if you drill holes in the bottom and put a few small stones around the holes to keep good drainage so the dirt won’t clog up your holes. These pots were sitting around in hobby boxes because I had not found a use for them.

copper-flower-arrangemeI don’t have a clue where this copper pot came from, but it gets used the most to hold different types of hobby stones or colored marbles, dependent on what I’m doing. I have to laugh when I see all the “stuff” I’ve collected for decorating over the years. I love the little feet on this copper pot, but I can’t compare its price to anything I’ve seen on the internet. I did find a flat square copper pot with no personality similar in size for around $50.00 though. I placed some Freesia bulbs into this pot (they needed a bigger home) that are yellow when opened. I also used a few orange pansies surrounding the bulbs. Final cost: Free

red tin white flowers

On-line I found a red and gold leafed metal container about half the size as the one I have. Their potted plant held one small plant and cost $58.00 to $70.00, depending on anything you add to the order. My planter was a gift from a client at Christmas a couple years ago with two candles flanking each side of a rose plant. Although it’s impossible to make identical arrangements as the florist, I used my own interpretation for our mom’s Valentines floral arrangement. I spent $5.00 for the white primrose big enough to fill the container with delicate small white flowers. One plant really was all this pot needed. After all “The ultimate of sophistication is simplicity itself.” Final cost: $5.00.

white vase orange purple flowerThe little white pot with lion’s heads on each side was home to a silk orchid arrangement from long ago. The pot was too pretty to get rid of so it sat on a shelf until I was inspired. Slowly drill holes with a masonry bit on your drill in the bottom of these types of pots (not all pots will work) and place a few stones by the holes for drainage. Because I had several six packs, I used three plants. I chose to go with non-traditional Valentines colors, using bright orange pansies and a single purple 8”tall stock plant. I can only guess that the florist would charge anywhere around $20.00. My final cost: Free.

It should be noted that not everywhere in the United States has nice weather this time of year, so your rewards and money makers would not help if the garden areas at you stores are still closed. However, you should start seeing the pots and flowers coming out on the shelves soon. This is a fresh way to use your rewards.

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Happy Valentines Day ~Gale

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