CVS Trip – Valerie’s Trip with A Goof

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Valerie’s CVS Trip

CVS trip


Being that this is such a little CVS trip, the only reason I’m sharing it with you is to show you my goof. What I did and what I should have done are 2 different things. I focused on the deal instead of the best OOP price. There honestly wasn’t anything I needed this week, but I was curious to see if CVS has changed the Skintimate ECB deal yet so I went. I am getting low on dish soap so I picked up a couple of those too. I only had 2 coupons for those. This also a good example of not being greedy. There was plenty of Skintimate on the shelf, but I only bought 4.

What I did On this CVS Trip

I split the transaction in 2
Total value $19.12 … Paid $12.64 … Saved $6.58 … Received $17.00 in ECB’s

#1 (2) Dawn @ .98 ea = $1.96 – (2) .50 mq from 1/1 P&G = .96 or .48 each
(2) Skintimate shaving cream @ $3.69 ea = $7.38 – (2) .55 mq from 1/15 SS = $6.28 or $3.19 ea
Total Value $11.29 with tax (Dawn was on sale saving an additional $1.38)
Paid OOP $ 6.91
Saved $ 4.48
I used $1.00 ECB from last week along with the coupons
Received $1.00 ECB, Green bag tag and $8.00 ECB for the Skintimate

#2 (2) Skintimates, same scenario as above
Total $7.83 with tax
Paid OOP $5.73
Saved $2.10
I used $1.00 ECB from transaction #1 along with coupons
I received another $8.00 ECB

What I should have done

#1 (1) Skintimate use 1 coupon and 1 $1.00 ECB pay $2.47 oop and get $4.00 ECB + $1.00 ECB green bag tag

#2 (3) Skinmates, (2) Dawn, used the MQ’s,  $4.00 ECB +$1.00 ECB from green bag tag and paid $6.29.

I could have saved an additional $4.00 OOP today on this CVS trip and left with $12.00 in ECB’s. I didn’t lose any money by doing what I did. I have $16.00 in ECBs to use another day instead of $12.00. My goof was where my focus was. Mistakes like this can easily cost you money so be sure to pay attention to the bottom dollar as well as the deal itself.


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  1. desiree dunham says

    Awesome job valerie

  2. Tiffany Noell says

    Great job! I need to get on over to our local CVS!

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