Nabisco – Valerie’s Shopping Trip 1/11/12

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Nabisco Testing Trip



I decided to run errands today to test the Nabisco $3/3 coupon from the 1/8 SmartSource inserts. When we have a potentially controversial coupon we like to research it for you and for ourselves. Sometimes that means taking it to the store and talking with the Mgr or calling the manufacturer directly. This is one of those coupons because the photo shows full size boxes but the verbiage says ANY. So off I go to test 4 stores.

None of the managers or cashiers had any issues with the Nabisco coupons. I used them at  2 Walmart’s, Walgreens and CVS. The registers did beep but that is not uncommon with a high value coupon. It’s an alert for the cashier to confirm the purchase to the coupon. Now you may look at my numbers today and think, well the savings are not really that great. On the contrary, it was a very good day as you will see with the breakdowns. None of the 34 Nabisco products fit into our healthy eating regimen and they will all be donated.

Total day $117.31 … OOP $50.13 … Saved $67.18

BJ’s Warehouse (like Sams & Costco)
4 lbs organic Italian chicken sausage $9.98 = $2.49 lb
Snuggle 460 sheets $8.98 = .02 per load, 4 loads a week = 2.2 years worth
Finish 240 tablets $15.28 = .06 per load, 3 loads a week = 1.5 years worth
Total value $64.45 … OOP $41.94 … Saved $22.51
BJ’s allows you to stack store and manufacturers coupons on items.

Walmart, 2 stores combined totals
Organic sugar $3.98  (.55 mq in 11/6 RP)
Nabisco 18 cups $18.00  ($3/3 mq in 1/8 SS)
Scotch-Bright wipes $10.72  (BOGO printable)
Total value $32.70 … OOP $8.79 … Saved $23.91

CVS, 2 transactions combined
#1  9 Nabisco and 1 gal milk $12.99, received $1.00 ECB and used toward trans #2
#2  1 gal milk $3.99, on sale $3.79 + $1.00 ECB back ($1.00 mq on TGLee Dairy website)
Total value $16.98 … OOP $4.58 … Saved $12.20 + $1.00 ECB for next time

Click here for CVS match up

4 Nabisco 2 @ 1.59, used 1 coupon
Total $3.18 … OOP $.18 … Saved $3.00
Store was out of stock and suggested the Oreo cookies instead.

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  1. NIce…Need to go shopping tomrrow!

  2. Fantastic! My walgreens has the BIG BAG’s at .99!! Time to clip those q’s!!!!

  3. I tried using those today at Kroger’s, they were $1 each so was going to have a nice amount to be able to donate. They refused them when it beeped. she said it told her ‘item not found’ I reminded her that it told her that on several of my purchases today, even from their own catalinas and we had to go through the basket showing that I bought them. She wouldn’t give an inch!! Told me it HAD to be boxed item not the little containers. When I tried arguing with them about it they said that’s why the words (on participating items) was included. They held their ground firm so I had them void them all off. Guess that’s the reason they had a shelf full, instead of out of stock like they were everything else, they must be refusing them to everyone, not just that particular cashier refusing.

  4. natalie zemrose horschel says

    very nice shopping trip!

  5. I’ve got a few of those T.G. Lee coupons and now don’t know what to do with them anyone out there want mine? We don’t have that brand up north.

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