Walgreens Fillers – What Can I Use?

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Useful Walgreens Fillers

Walgreens fillers

What are “Walgreens fillers” you ask? Walgreen’s Register Rewards are classified as manufacturers coupons and since you can only have one manufacturers coupon per item, you might need filler items in order to use all the coupons and RRs that you want to. For example, if you are buying four items and using four coupons then you need to pick a filler item in order to use a register reward on that purchase. Then you’d have 5 items and 5 coupons. I have composed a list of popular items that can be found at almost all Walgreens on a daily basis that are $1.00 or less and could be used as possible fillers.

Walgreens Fillers Suggestions
  • kids hair clips/hair bands
  • Walgreens brand 2 oz lotion
  • Walgreens brand individual bar soap
  • Travel size section items (shampoo, deodorant, band-aids, etc)
  • decorative pencils
  • greeting cards
  • candies (laffy taffy, gum,  small caramels by the register)
  • small memo books
  • pink erasers
  • Royal gelatin packets
  • Arizona Tea (often on sale for $0.49 with in-ad coupon)
  • small bag chips
  • single popcorn packs
  • Ramen noodles
  • eye liner pencils
  • highlighters (and other discounted school supply)
  • and often the BEST fillers are items on clearance

You might also consider purchasing an extra Sunday newspaper for the coupons in it, or get a gallon of milk or some other staple that you know you will need. Let me know what other types of Walgreens fillers you use.


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  1. Mine would be candy or gum. My son loves both and its something to actually make him not fuss in Walgreens over a toy.

  2. Ice pops, small cans of tomato sauce, b1g1 candies.

  3. Danielle Perry says

    Favorite filler – candy

  4. Pencils!

  5. Kathy Hendler says

    I love to use the .25 popcorn as a filler. If they do not have that, I buy candy for the kids.

  6. 4×6 prints of favorite photos to share

  7. Pencils they sell individually.

  8. Theresa Duckworth says

    I like to use candy or gum. Travel size items are really good for me because I travel for work. Love small refillable bottles!!

  9. Leslie Crosby says

    If I need them, I usually get a dozen eggs. At our store they are frequently either 99 cents or $1.29 and during baseball season we eat a lot of eggs for dinner. If they’re on sale, I use the cans of mandarin oranges. Our little one loves these!

  10. my favorite fillers are things i find on clearance, usually baby items or hair things like clips 🙂 though if my love comes with me shopping i usually dont end up needing a filler, he tends to have to buy a redbull every time he goes shopping with me….

  11. carrie crosby says

    10 ent laffy taffy

  12. Stacey Micklevitz says

    I ALWAYS check the clearance section for something practical. If nothing is available, and there is nothing else on sale that I NEED, I opt for something inexpensive that I can use as a donation item. I’ve got TONS of Raamen noodles ready to be donated. 🙂

  13. melissa esper says

    Usually the pencils if we can find them or the individual candies

  14. clearance food items

  15. Heather Mishoe says

    THe .39 cent highlighters!

  16. I usually try to use it on something that is on sale. One of my favorite is the Barbasol shaving cream. My husband only wants to use it so if i can get if for $1 or less I get it because i haven’t been able to find any coupons for Barbasol.

  17. Allison Stubbs says

    I love the small plastic cups in the seasonal.section for my.4 yr old. They are .39 and she loves having a new cup!

  18. Tammy DeRosier says


  19. Our Walgreens is getting strict on coupons. I had $1.50 off toothpaste, was on sale for .99 cents and they knocked the coupon down to .99. I didn’t gripe because the item was a donation item and it really only was .99 cents. , but it just means that there will not be any fillers used as there will not be an overages.

    But, when I could, I used to go to the Greeting card isle and get the inexpensive cards. There is always a card to be sent.

  20. greeting card for the next birthday

  21. My kids always pick a candy bar to share!

  22. School supplies

  23. Pat Anderson says


  24. Here lately its been the 3 prong folders, or a candy treat that may be on sale.

  25. Breanna Senters says

    The little vanilla carmels kept by the register. They are only like 29 cents and delious!

  26. I usually grab gum or something I can use as a stocking stuffer(chap stick, toothbrush, hair bands, etc).

  27. .49 toothbrushes to put in our veteran care packages

  28. Trisha McDuffey says


  29. Paula Filley says

    I usually use candy as my filler.

  30. Amanda Wildt says

    I like the vanilla caramels that are 3 for $1. And once we have enough, I melt then down to make caramel apples for the kids. ;-D

  31. I was getting travel toothpastes. I have enough of those so now I’m on small travel hair gel.

  32. jenny martinez says

    There’s a small chic bar that sells for 39 cents unless its something I need like eggs … sometimes ill opt for something fare if still in stock … it helps me roll back and forth 🙂

  33. Christine Cornelius says

    I first try for school supplies that are cheap and then to the candy bar section for my hubby. But I usually try for something with a wags coupon that is under 1.00

  34. Candy Bar.

  35. Jessica Salter says

    Well I just really started couponing a couple of weeks ago, so I have normally just been getting a piece of laffy taffy!! Lol I think it’s because of baby number two is on the way! I do search for Clarence items everytime though!!

  36. I’ve used the Tufs papertowels when they were on sale for .50. I don’t like using candy or other things I don’t need!

  37. Gretchen Lee says

    Milk and Sunday papers! These are items I would buy anyway so they may as do some work to get my transaction through. The first time that I rang milk through the cashier told me that dairy products can sometimes be a little fussy so depending on your area you might want a back-up filler ready the first time you try it.

  38. when the back to school sales started I used a 9¢ hilighter as a filler. That’s the best I’ve ever done. practically free!

  39. vicki oliver says

    Usually travel lotions or any of the travel items

  40. Lately it has been the .09 highlighters

  41. The memo books are good; but my fave was a 17 cent eye liner pencil!!!

  42. Single pencils (when they have them) or punch balloons for my son.

  43. I usually get a pac of gum or candy as a treat for my daughter

  44. Pencils….they’re always nice to send in for my son’s classmates in their goodie bags….if no pencils are available (or too expensive) then I’ll use Ramen noodles…perfect for donation… 🙂

  45. courtney buckles says

    I love using the wags brand soda or the Arizona ice teas when there on sale.

  46. I like picking up the travel tissues! They are pretty cheap and good for purses!

  47. M&M’s to brighten my hubby’s day after being in the heat working.

  48. During school shopping I was able to use the 19 cent box of 10 pencils. I have lots of pencils for the school year and got lots of deals!!!

  49. daphne wooten says

    i always get the 5 cent candy up by the register!

  50. a candy bar or a travel size lotion

  51. carriecrosby says

    10 cent Laffy taffy

  52. i usually get a clearance candy bar

  53. Cheap highlighters during the back to school sales. Easter candy at Easter time.

  54. Cristi Cheney says

    I don’t do Walgreens often but when I do and need a filler I grab a caramel, soda or candy bar. I know, not necessarily the cheapest but my blood sugar gets low when I’m out and about sometimes so I get a little something or a thing of oj to pick me back up.

  55. Vicki Ingram says

    Laffy taffy!!!!

  56. Nicki Yanak says

    single laffy taffy – they are 15cents! and a good little treat 🙂

  57. Patty Perry says


  58. single popcorn packs for family movie nights 🙂 OR the single pencils

  59. I just started myself and this week I used a single pencil as my filler, it seemed to be the least expensive practical thing I could find. I think if my kids were with me it would have been a candy bar or m and m’s for them to share!

  60. The caramels by the check out! Yummy!!

  61. laffy taffy

  62. m&m peanut

  63. Rebecca Cogswell says

    Pencils! I have 3 kids in school so they are always needed.

  64. Usually whatever is the deal of the week.

  65. Annie Wadsworth says

    i always get the laffy taffy for 15cents at the checkout….
    i am bad about forgetting to grab a filler when needed so that is cheap & convenient!!!!
    annie wasdsworth

  66. Michelle Cavanaugh says

    Kit-Kat for the hubby

  67. I usually get items on clearance like .50c soap! If I don’t find something in the clearance section then you know I’m hitting up the candy bars! 🙂

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