Jesica’s Walmart After-Christmas Shopping Trip

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Finally headed out to Walmart to scope out their after-Christmas sale. Knowing that I was going out several days late, I didn’t expect to find much. I found lots of holiday Ziploc, Reynold’s Wrap and paper towels – all still regular price. I asked the cashier about that and she said that several people have asked and the manager said that unless it has Christmas trees or Santa, they are regular price. Hopefully some of you were able to find them on clearance. Either way, I am happy with my purchase since they are items that we use.

Walmart After-Christmas Shopping Trip

After-Christmas Deals:

Solo Plates – $1.25 each
Used $1.25/2 Solo products from SS 12/02
Paid: $0.75 each

Solo Paper Cups – $1.25 each
Used $1.25/2 Solo products from SS 12/02
Paid: $0.75 each

Puffs Tissue 2-pack – $1.49
Used $0.75/1 from inside notebooks during school season
Paid: $0.74

Sparkle Paper Towels 2-pack – $1.49

Candy Boxes – $0.50 each

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