Walmart Trip on 4/12 with 102% Savings!

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Walmart Trip 4/12

Walmart Trip Pic 4-12

I went on my first Walmart Trip for couponing in a long time! I’m familiar with Walmart, always have been, just never been a real big fan of the store. It can be hard to coupon there, no doubt! I did have one little issue with the register not taking a coupon, but a manager came over, verified the purchase, and worked her magic no questions asked. That was refreshing. My experience was positive so I may be just trying this again in the near future.

I actually went to 2 stores. I don’t like to wipe the shelves or use too many of the same coupons at once so I like to break it up. Besides, some of the offers have rebates on Checkout51 so I wanted to use my account and my husband’s. More bang for my buck! I did the same trip at each store, but combined them into one for you; just break it down the middle. 5 Rave at one store, 5 at the other, 2 Bush’s Beans at one store, 2 at the other, etc.

All together I got $24.70 worth of groceries for a $0.50 Money Maker after cash back, which already hit our accounts. By the way, I’ve seen the Checkout51 sneak peek and the French’s, Nabisco & Bush’s are all coming back Thursday. Might have to do them again! Here’s what I got:

Walmart Trip Breakdown:

2 French’s Ketchup, 20oz @ $1.98
2 French’s Sweet Mustard, 14oz @ $1.56 each
Used 2 $0.50/1 French’s Ketchup printable coupons
Used 2 $0.75/1 French’s Sweet Mustard printable coupons
OOP = 4/$4.58
Submitted receipts to Checkout51 for $4 cash back
($1 for Ketchup, $0.50 for mustard & $0.50 bonus for buying both; 1 set my acct, 1 set hubby’s)
Total = All 4 for $0.58 or $0.15 each after cash back!

4 Bush’s Cocina Latina Beans @ $0.98 each
Used 4 $1/1 Bush’s Cocina Latina Beans coupons from 4/3 SS
OOP = 4 for Free + $0.08 MM
Submitted receipts to Checkout51 for $2 cash back ($1 my acct, $1 hubby’s)
Total = Free + $2.08 MM after cash back!

10 Rave Trial Size Hairsprays @ 0.97 each
Used 10 Free Rave Trial Size, up to $1 coupons from 4/10 SS (deducts $0.97 each coupon)
Total = All Free!

4 Nabisco Chips Ahoy! To Go Cups, 3.5oz @ $1 each
Used 2 $0.75/2 Nabsico Cookies or Crackers, 3.5oz+ coupons from 3/20 SS
OOP = 4/$2.50
Submitted receipts to Checkout51 for $2 cash back ($1 my acct, $1 hubby’s)
Total = 4/$0.50 or $0.13 each after cash back!

Totals from Walmart Trip

Total before any coupons or discounts = $24.70
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $25.20
Total OOP = Free + $0.50 MM after cash back
Total Savings = 102% (Savings/Total b4 coupons or $25.20/$24.70) before tax

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