Weighing In Wednesday- Gym Equipment Intimidation

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Weekly Progress
Workouts- 3 45 Minute Workouts
Weight Loss- -0.5 (-5 to date)

I’ve pretty much been sticking to the treadmill and stationary bike while working out. Not so much because I like them but because I know how to work them.

I have to admit I’m a little intimated by some of the equipment in the gym. I finally got up the nerve to try the elliptical machine. Up till now I didn’t want to get on it in front of people for fear of falling off. I’m a little accident prone and not very coordinated. I was scared that the foot things would move on me and I’d fall off. Not something you want to do in front of a bunch of people. Hubby and I went the other day and we were the only people there so I tried it. I didn’t like it but I did get on without falling. I’ll count that as an accomplishment.

As far as the weight machines I don’t know where to put my head and where to put my butt on some of these things! Luckily at the gym I joined you get a free hour with a personal trainer when you join so I’m going to make an appointment. I’m going to have him give me an into to the machines and show me the correct way to use them.

So my next goal is to set my appointment with him. I’ve got to get over this gym “shyness”. It’s not my character, I’m not sure where it is coming from.  I refuse to let it stop me or hinder my progress!

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