Pounds vs Inches for Weighing In Wednesday

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Pounds vs Inches

pounds vs inches


Workouts- 3  45 Minute Workouts
Weight-     -1.5 (To Date -6.5)
Measurements-     -11.5

Do you know the difference pounds vs inches? I do now! Logically I know that my weight loss is not entirely dependent on what the scale says. I know the scale lies, BUT I have to say that over the last few weeks I’ve been a little discouraged over the scale not moving much. I was discussing this with Wizard Valerie the other night. She suggested I take my measurements since it had been over a month since I started. I had my beginning measurements from the day before I started working out. I admit I didn’t immediately do it. A few days later I stepped on the scale and again NO movement! I was still at only 5 pounds lost! So I did as suggested and did my measurements. I’ve lost 11.5 inches! That “only 5 pounds” didn’t seem so bad after finding that out.

Why Pounds vs Inches Matters

Wizard Brianne shared this bit of information with me that I’m trying to keep in mind when I step on the scale…

Does muscle weigh more than fat? Think about it. The answer is no. 5 pounds of muscle weighs exactly 5 pounds. 5 pounds of fat weighs exactly 5 pounds. So why then, do people say that? Well the truth is that muscle takes up less space than fat. It is more dense. So that if you gain muscle and lose fat, you may not lose much on the scale, but will be in a noticeable and measurable by a smaller body.

So I’m trying to keep all this in mind when I step on the scale. I can’t give up the scale entirely. I need to be watching where I am, but I will be measuring monthly so that I can see my progress based on the combination of pounds vs inches.

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