Weighing In Wednesday- Setting And Tracking Goals

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Weekly Progress-

Work Outs- 4 45 Minute Workouts

Weight- -0 (-5 Total)

For me setting goals is a very important part of staying on track. I set goals on different levels. I have my “big goal” but i set smaller goals along the way. The big goal is good to have but at times it seems a long way off. The smaller goals that can be reached on my way help keep me feeling like I’m making progress.

Here are my current goals…

Immediate goal- lose 10 lbs

Intermediate goal- fit into jeans one size down

Major Accomplishment Goal- to have nothing in Lane Bryant fit

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End Game Goal- lose 68 lbs

My “end game goal” is to lose 68 pounds, that is from my weight when I started working out. This loss will make a total of 105 ponds from my highest weight.

My goals do change along the way. When my immediate goal is reached my intermediate goal doesn’t always move to the immediate goal slot. I always keep my immediate goal small and obtainable in a reasonable amount of time to keep me motivated as they are reached.

The other important factor for me is to have my goals very measurable. To track my immediate goal I have the chart in the picture above hanging up over the scale. Every Friday when I weigh in I mark my progress. This allows me to see it each morning and remind my self why I’m waking up 445 am and how far I’ve come.

The jeans for my intermediate goal are jeans that I was wearing about a year ago before I started putting weight back on. When I started this process I tried them on, well tried to get them on. I needed to see how far I had to go. As I reach my immediate goals I will try them back on to see how far I’ve come. I have them hanging up on the outside of the closet door. It helps for me to see daily what I’m working on.

I like to have a reward system in place. Something small, non food related, to remind me that I’m making strides towards my big goal. I haven’t set what its going to be yet. I do have an Italian charm bracelet that I love. I may start a new one and reward myself with a new charm each time I reach an immediate goal. I’m still trying to decide what my reward will be for reaching my big goal.

I’m open to suggestions for the big goal reward! Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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