Weighing In Wednesday- Workouts Getting Off Track

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Weekly Progress-

Workouts- 1 45 Minute Workout

Weigh In- -0 (-6.5 To Date)

Measurements- -11.5 To Date

Last week and this week so far has been a disaster as far as working out.  My workouts have completely gotten off track.   Last week I was sick and even ended up at the doctors office.  So far this week between still not feeling well and Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac its not looking good for working out.

But know as soon as this storm is over it will back to working out on schedule!!  One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t let bad days keep you from your goal.  You have to rub the dirt off and get back on the horse!

Sorry for the extremely short post but I’ve got to get back to storm preparations.  I’ll be back on track next week!!

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