What do I do with all these loose coupons??

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Since there was a two week break where we didn’t get coupons in our newspaper, I found myself printing out a lot more coupons off the internet instead. Maybe it was withdrawal, maybe there were just actually better coupons online. Either way, one thing some of us couponers struggle with is how to keep up with printable coupons or coupons that you receive in the mail. You have a few different options.

Option#1. Get a small coupon organizer such as The Couponizer or a small expandable coupon folder that has tabs that you can label for different sections. Some people use envelopes or a small index card file box.





Option #2. Use a binder and 8-Pocket Binder Pages . The 8 pockets pages are much easier to work with because they are slightly larger and than the 9-Pocket Binder Pages. Or if you prefer, use the 3-Pocket Binder Pages and you will have to do very minimal folding.


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I have a small file box that I use for holding my coupon envelopes for each store, printable coupons, and coupons for retail stores (such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Toys “R” Us, etc). This is helpful for me because I may print several pages of coupons at once but not have the time immediately to cut and file them. It’s kind of like a coupon holding cell until I can get them into my binder. But the box also keeps everything else coupon related that I have that doesn’t fit into my binder (All You magazines, Reinventing Beauty magazine from CVS, etc). I just like having it all in once place. The box is good because it has a lid – that means no spilled drinks, raindrops, etc can mess up your papers. You can find these boxes at Amazon, Office Max, Staples, Target, and Walmart. I bought two Sterlite ones from Walmart but both times the handles broke so you might want to try another brand or store.


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