What is a Raincheck?

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In the couponing world, Rainchecks are an important part of saving big amounts of money when shopping.  What is a raincheck?  It is basically a second chance at the advertised deal.

A raincheck is a merchant or store’s promise or commitment to sell you an item that is no longer on their shelves at the advertised price (on the day you are shopping) as soon as it is restocked and becomes available.  The majority of stores have this perk when shopping with them.

If you arrive at a store, ready to stock up on something that you saw was on sale, and you are instead standing in front of an empty shelf , do not worry!  First track down an employee of the store, as in many cases they have not had time to restock the product, and it may be sitting in a box in the stock room.

If that is not the case, do not hesitate to ask them for a Raincheck for the product to use at a later date, after they are able to restock.  Stores policy on rainchecks do vary, and your local store can tell you how long they are good for, and for what quantity of item you are allowed to purchase.  A Raincheck allows you to to come back later (usually after the sale is over) and use it to obtain the item for the same price that it was advertisted when you were there.

Many times the employees will ask you how many of the item you’d like.  Feel free to ask for as many as you were originally going to purchase or a few more if you think you may be able to obtain more coupons for the items in the mean time.  If you have coupons that you are planning on using with the store sale, clip or staple them to the raincheck, as well as the original ad.
If your coupon is going to expire by the time the item will be restocked, simply ask the management of the store of they would allow you to still use the coupons when your items become available.  Stores have a longer window to submit their coupons to the manufacturers than we have to use them at the stores, so this may be entirely possible.

Keep in mind that with a Raincheck, you will be able to obtain the current sale price, but you may not be able to still receive any catalinas attached with the original deal.

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When you head back to the store to get your items, make sure you alert the cashier first that you have a Raincheck, so they will be able to do a price adjustment on the item.  Rainchecks give you that second chance at the deal so take advantage of this great perk when shopping!


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