What is my Stockpile Price?

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Your Stockpile Price

Unlike your stockpile quantity, your stockpile price will always be a work in progress.  I am never satisfied with my current stockpile price.  I always want to try to get that price lower on my next trip.  We are also going to be posting a chart for you to record your stockpile price.  In addition, we will post a chart that gives you some guidelines on the stockpile prices for the most common stockpile items.  It is not a hard line number, just a guideline.   I recommend that you play a round of “Beat the Wizard” with the guideline chart.  Try to always get your items lower than what we list on the chart.  It’s really that simple.  In Florida, we are lucky to have BOGO sales every single week at Publix.  However, we don’t get the benefit of double or triple coupons.   You will need to adapt to whatever your particular region allows you to do.  That said, don’t ever be satisfied.  Always try to improve.  There are going to be times you have to pay a little more, but for the most part, you will figure out almost exactly what the stockpile price should be for your items.

One thing that you may run into is an item that you purchase in a stockpile quantity and then 4 weeks later it goes on sale for an even lower price, free or possibly becomes a money maker.  How do you handle that situation?  Well, that depends on several factors.  First, how many did you buy the first time around?  What is the item?  What is the expiration date on the item?  How many have you consumed in the 4 weeks since the last sale?  Obviously, if it is free or a money maker, you will buy more of the item.  However, even if you can get a large number of them for 25% less than what you recently paid, it probably doesn’t make sense to take the cash flow out of your budget.  Use it for something else, or save it for the next ad week going forward.

Keeping It In Check

Remember this:  we advocate stockpiling, not hoarding.  Honestly, if you don’t think you will use it in 12 weeks, don’t buy it.  Buy what you use and use what you buy.  By following this logic, you will never end up with waste and you will never run out of space.  Don’t force yourself into buying things “just because it’s a good deal”.  Guess what?  That deal will come around again.  Be patient and diligent and you just may save more the next time!  Only your chart will tell!!!


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