What is Savingstar and How Does It Work

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what is savingstarWhat is Savingstar? It’s another way that you can save on your grocery and drug store purchases. This program is different because you never need to print anything out. You simply create an account with them online for free and then register all of your loyalty cards. You will not have a loyalty card from here itself. You attach all of your existing loyalty cards to your account. Each week, we will publish a list of the current Savingstar coupons. All you need to do is load them to your account. When you go on your shopping trip, simply have the cashier scan your already existing store loyalty card and your savings will be recorded!

It is important to know that savings from Savingstar will not show up on your bill. They are credited to your account. Your savings are automatically added to your account in 2-30 days. It all depends on when the stores send their purchase data over. This is something I would recommend that you keep track of each time you shop because the savings are not given right away and they also don’t print on your receipt. As soon as you have at least $5.00 in savings, you are able to take a payout! You can have your payout direct deposited into your bank account, sent to you via Paypal, grab an Amazon gift card or donate your savings to American Forest. It is really quite simple to do and is cash money if you choose. It’s a great way to add extra velocity to your emergency fund or debt reduction.


One thing to remember is that the offers work the same as coupons. For example, if you are given an offer to save $1.50/2 then you must buy 2 of that item in the same transaction for that offer to apply to your account. Another thing to know is that your Savingstar offers will NOT stack with manufacturer coupons. Because these coupons ARE manufacturer coupons. You can not use them with a paper manufacturer coupons, but you can stack if you are using a paper store coupon. Now, if you have an offer that says spend $20 on certain items, and get $5 back, then you CAN stack with paper manufacturer coupons and store coupons!

There are over 24,000 stores that participate in the Savingstar program nationwide. Make sure that you register to see a complete list. Who would want to leave free money on the table? That is not The Wizard Way!

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