Chicken – What To Do With Your Bulk Purchase

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Buy Chicken in Bulk?

Bulk Chicken

We all stock up on chicken breasts when we find them at a stockpile price, and several Wiz Kids order their chicken through Zaycon Foods when they do their Meat Across America Event. How do you prepare to freeze all that foul?

Now, you have bought all that meat at the store, or you just picked up your Zaycon order, you brought it home, dumped it in the sink to rinse it, and now you think “Wow! That is a lot! What am I going to do with it now?”

I have some great ideas! A lot of these are the exact same things I do with mine!

First of all, one of the best tips I can give you is to season it up and put in marinade BEFORE you freeze. It gives the marinade and seasoning more time to soak in and just makes it taste better! Take a little time before you freeze it to cut it up, bag it, and label the bags as to what you want to use it for. Trust me, this will take a little time, but it pays for itself in the end when you have a hungry husband or some hungry kids to feed and you are looking for something delicious, but simple to make for dinner!

Chicken Taco Meat

I like to cube it up kind of small, add some of Wizard Valerie’s homemade taco seasoning mix it up really good and then I save and seal it (or use a good Ziploc bag), remember to label your bag, then freeze. When you are ready, just thaw out and cook like normal. All your prep work is done!

 Chix Strips

Cut up your meat into the size strips you like. Add whatever kind of seasoning you like (if any).  I like to add some pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and I put in some italian dressing (enough to cover your chicken).  Save and seal or use a Ziploc, label your bag, and freeze. When you are ready just thaw out good , take out of Italian dressing and cook like your normally would.

 Chicken Fajita Meat

Cut up your chicken however you like it on fajitas, season and add any marinade you might like. Once again, label your bag, save and seal it or use Ziploc and freeze for a readymade “Fajita night”

 Chicken for the grill

My favorite way to eat chicken is on the grill. I will season up my chicken and put in Italian dressing and freeze that way. I only freeze one to a pack since my husband will get dark meat for him to eat off the grill. I get it all ready and label the bag “chicken grill” so I know that is chicken saved for cooking on the grill.

Chicken Spaghetti

We love spaghetti here, and sometimes love to use chicken instead of ground beef. I will cube up the chicken and season with oregano, Italian seasoning, parsley, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Then label my bag for Chicken Spaghetti and freeze. Now anytime we want it, all I have to do is take it out, let thaw and make my sauce for it. This would also work for chicken alfredo, just season and cut up your chicken they way you like it, freeze, and make your Alfredo sauce to go with it! Just label your bag for it.

 Baked Chicken

Get a head start! Go ahead and season up those chicken breasts with whatever you like. I like to make a few with lemon pepper, some with Tony’s Cajun seasoning, and some with a mixture. Then package them up, label your bag as baked and what flavor. When you want it, pick a flavor, let thaw, you are ready to just throw in oven with whatever else you cook with it.

 Stuffed Chicken Breast

Take your chicken breast at the fattest part and cut a “pocket” and stuff it with your favorites! Then season up the outside of the chicken breasts with whatever you like. This part is optional, but then wrap bacon around the chicken and hold with a toothpick. On this one, since we both like different fillings, we only freeze one to a pack and label. That way we each get to pick out of the freezer whatever we want!

This is the one part my husband does! Here is a few of our favorites we like to stuff it with….

  • Stove top and fresh sausage (take the sausage out of the casing)
  • Ham and feta cheese
  • Ham and provolone or mozzarella cheese
  • Spinach and feta cheese (my favorite)
  • Corn and american cheese (husband likes this one)
  • Chopped up broccoli and cheese
  • Veggies,  I like to add red and yellow sliced up bell peppers, broccoli, asparagus
Make your own chicken broth

As you are prepping your chicken, there might be a little bit of fat to cut off. As you are cutting it off, add to boiling water, add seasoning to make your own broth. No part of your chicken order will go to waste.

Flash Freezing

Now these are some ideas, but I never know when I find a new recipe or just come up with an idea of something I want to make out of the blue, I want to have some chicken ready to “work” with. Flash Freezing is a perfect way to do it. Put your chicken breasts flat on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Put in freezer for about 2 hours. When they are frozen put in Ziploc. Since they are already frozen, they will not stick together. When you have that new recipe you want to try or you think of something you want to make just take out what you need, reseal and put back in freezer.

I know when you get that first order of 40 pounds of chicken it can be overwhelming! I know it was for me! I hope these ideas can help once you pick up that order and are deciding how you want to prep and freeze it! If you all have any other ways that you really like, please let me know. I am always looking for new and creative ways!



  1. Great tips Lisa! I can’t wait to get my order…. I am printing your tips for future reference!

  2. what great ideas, i wish i would have seen about the flash freezing sooner

  3. Gale Kelly says

    This is my second year ordering from Zaycon… and I will continue to order from them. It is the best tasting chicken I have ever had and the size of the breasts are awesome. Once again, thank you for your tips…. We go through 80 pounds in 6 months…that’s a lot of chicken!

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