What to Expect from Couponing – February Edition

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expect from couponingWhat can you expect from couponing in February? Lots of change! This first weekend of February is now home to the Superbowl. In the grocery industry, it is basically treated just like a national holiday. In all seriousness, it’s one of the top five grocery weekends of the year! If you are the brand manager for certain categories, you can make or break your budget for the entire year in this one weekend. This is your time to capitalize on hot sales for snacks and appetizers. Salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels will get ravaged starting today. As you are shopping, remember, this is tearpad city! Salty snacks, soft drinks and the beer aisle are the best places to score tearpad coupons that many times will be good until the end of the year! Have your eagle vision on because you can score big on these. Remember, you aren’t stockpiling these products for the entire year, so having a nice little stockpile of coupons (within reason) is only going to benefit you down the road. Another thing to remember is that tearpads and blinkies allow you to take multiple coupons. Hang tags and peelies are off limits unless you are physically purchasing that particular product on this shopping trip. DO NOT remove them just to save a buck later. If they are there now, chances are there will be there again when your item is on sale.

What to Expect from Couponing for Snacks

Appetizers and dips will drive sales in the dairy and frozen food departments. Many people are looking for quick and easy ways to put something out to entertain the masses. We have already seen the sales and the coupons for these over the last couple of weeks. Hopefully you have been pulling the trigger as you see the stockpile prices drop. However, I am very certain that you will still be able to score good deals this weekend. King’s Hawaiian bread has had some great coupons. TONS of people will buy this and hollow out the middle for the delicious Knorr Spinach Dip that is posted on the back of the box. Those coupons will be coming in handy as well! Cream based dairy products such as sour cream, whipping cream and cream cheese will often be on special and cross merchandised with the dry soup mixes. Beer will definitely be a huge item at the top of peoples’ lists, but don’t expect huge deals. They know they don’t have to mark down the price. Let’s face it, beer drinkers aren’t gonna be price shoppers on Superbowl weekend. I have seen people with as many as 4 carts of beer trudging through my stores. Oh how I wish we had can and bottle deposits!

Approaching Holidays

Right on the heels of the Superbowl is Valentine’s Day. With grocery stores wanting to offer more and more to their shoppers, you can find nearly anything you need to have the perfect day with your sweetheart. I like to shop certain things the week of Valentine’s because I can get really good deals for things that I stockpile. My favorite is frozen shrimp. You will always see good deals on this. If we are lucky, Target will drop a coupon for $1.00/1 any seafood item, which I will be able to use with a great deal at Publix. I typically keep a few bags of this on hand if I can get them for $5.00 or $6.00 each. Β It’s the exact same shrimp that you will find in the “fresh” seafood case and it allows me to thaw out only what I need at one time for recipes. I NEVER buy candy before Valentine’s Day. We don’t need to eat it in our house and honestly, the prices are inflated. Right now you should be printing the candy printables and gather what you can from your inserts because you will score big, big deals starting the day after as many stores will drop prices to 50% off right out of the chute. Don’t expect from couponing, deals to be had with those (the exp. date will be the day of), but be patient and you will score big, even without coupons.

Expect from Couponing Sales on Canned Goods

Once the dust settles, you will be upon the time of year that I have been telling you about for months now. Canned goods and dry grocery expect from couponingitems will take deep, deep discounts. The very best time to buy your canned goods is in the last sale of the year. The grocery chains do not want to have to carry the inventory going through the summer as these items basically slow to a standstill in the months between Easter and Back to School with a couple of spikes for Memorial Day and 4th of July. I know that as a Publix shopper, I will have the opportunity to stock up on my one year supply of canned goods for a fraction of the price of my normal 12 week stockpile. This month is the time to be stalking your canned goods and cold weather foods. Even if you are in the north, you will see these prices drop in one last effort to push inventory. That said, if the buyers for your chain did a good job and they aren’t long on inventory, you may not see this activity. I would suspect that most dry grocery buyers are aggressive because they aren’t playing with the same volatility of dates that a perishable operation faces. Be ready, because it’s coming!

The Time to Clean Is Coming…Sorry

The last thing that you will want to be looking for is cleaning supplies. Spring cleaning is right around the corner and many stores will start merchandising off-shelf displays of coupon booklets for cleaning products. Grab a couple (and only a couple) of these when you see them. Annie and I were able to get all of our cleaning supplies for the entire year last year for under $10.00 out of pocket. That includes what we use at our warehouse as well as home. Stacking situations will be in abundance if your store allows for stacking. If you are in the land of doubles, be looking for those .50/1 and .75/1 coupons that you can use to drive the already reduced prices down. Do not fall victim to buying the large sizes at stores like Target for the regular price. Sure you get more for your money, but as you already know from our series on shopping clearance at Target, these will all take a markdown as soon as they are ready to merchandise their Easter products.

All in all, February is a fun little month to score deals. It is probably the single best month for couponing in our household so I am looking forward to sharing our trips and deals with all of you! As always, I expect you to do the same. We love to see how you are saving and the ways you are doing it! Here’s to a great February for all the Wiz Kids. What to expect from couponing this month? Lots of great deals!


  1. wow great tips

  2. Randi Greene says

    This is good information. We are already seeing a huge drop in canned good prices. Winter is over with really early here so we are already seeing spring/summer items going up in stores.

  3. Looking forward to taking advantage!!

  4. Christine Smatlak says

    Thanks for the great info. Makes it easier to plan that budget when you know whats coming.

  5. Susan Clark says

    Thanks great info. We are reall starting to get low on our canned goods. I will be taking advantage of these sales for sure.

  6. Thank You for another GREAT article. I’ve already seen some sales on some of these items.

  7. Vicki Oliver says

    Thank you for the awesome tips!

  8. Love the article and the tips! Although no publix or target and limited grocery (one kroger one food giant) we don’t have the kind of competition or sales that I see posted but I think I’ll still be able to do well for this area with your tips.
    Kroger’s only had one tearpad today but it was $3/2 on their Digiorno which was on sale for $4.49 so not the best price I’ve ever had but still $2.99 for a Digiornio is a cheap fast supper when we’re ‘junking it’

    thanks so much for all your tips!!!

  9. Elaine Spink says

    David, Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I love this series of articles that you do!! I am looking forward to hopefully score on canned goods! I am curious to know why you would want deposits on canned and bottles beverages. We have a 5 cent deposit on most cans and some bottles. Unfortunately, we get the same amount back when we turn them in. There are so many people that I know who don’t turn them in. It’s just another way for the state to get money from people in my opinion. Again, thank you for another great article!! πŸ™‚

  10. Thank you so much for this article! Last Saturday I was able to stockpile the large bags of Tostitos & Doritos Chips, Tostitos Salsa & Queso as well as large bags of Popcorn Indiana white cheddar & cinnamon popcorn. After my employee discount and using manufacturer q’s, IVC q’s from the January booklet & $2 RR’s from flurry, I was able to pick up each item for only 10 cents a piece out of pocket. So, 4 bags of Doritos, 6 bags of Popcorn Indiana, 10 bags of Tostitos chips, 14 jars of salsa/queso (7 each) and 10 Nestle chocolate hearts (fillers) cost me a whopping $2.00 πŸ™‚ Keep in mind that after 5pm on Saturdays you can take advantage of the current week’s sale prices as well as the new sales prices for the next week. NO Register Reward items for the next week will print, ONLY sales prices will take effect.

  11. stacey Stanley says

    Awesome thank you David this will help in my planning this weekend

  12. Thank you so much for this information. I was just thinking today that I needed some toilet bowl cleaner and was wondering when that would start to be on sale. You guys are the best

  13. Great information. Thank you for sharing.

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