Where the heck do I start? An Introduction to Coupon Wizards Couponing

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If you are new to The Coupon Wizards family of sites, you will want to take some time to watch this webinar. You will be able to learn everything from website navigation, to the mobile application to our very own social network, Serious Coupon Magic. You will learn about our proprietary manufacturer coupon database, stockpile quantity tracking sheets and stockpile price sheets.

Even if you have been a follower of the coupon wizards for a long time, you may surprise yourself and pick up some new tips and tricks from this session!


  1. I cant get your videos to play for some reason.

    • What sort of device are you trying to play the video on? It is an HTML5 compliant video format that plays in all of the modern updated browsers (Chrome, FireFox, IE 10) as well as smart phones. If none of those work have you tried the iTunes Podcast Feed?

  2. Nikki Quarles says:

    Videos don’t play

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