White Spray Paint – Your New Best Friend

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How I Used Our White Spray Paint

White Spray Paint for Play Set

My newest way to use white spray paint! As I mentioned in another post, deciding which play set to buy my kids was the easy part. Once we settled on the best deal possible and pulled the trigger to purchase Grayson, Landon and Ethan’s new “outdoor lair,” the real fun began. We do not have a huge back yard and I suspect that may be the case with many of our readers. Because of this, planning is paramount. There is an old saying in carpentry that you should “measure twice and cut once.” The same axiom holds true in landscaping. When you make a mistake cutting a board, you can buy another board. When you make a mistake ripping up your grass, you are in some serious trouble.

Plan Your Playset Placement Carefully

The first thing we needed to do was envision where the playset was going to be. By the way, the photo is not our play set. Yet! We found this one on the Lowe’s website. Anyway, we had a lot of considerations to juggle, not the least of which was our pending addition plans for the back of our home. To make it just a little more interesting, you can throw in the fact that we already have a 13 foot trampoline back there (I will reserve the concept of incorporating the trampoline for quick entry and exit to the playhouse for later posts).

There are two considerations that needed to be made: is there enough space for the kids to play on the play set safely and is the ground level. Even though I am in one of the flattest states in the Union, our ground is still not completely flat so I know that site prep was going to be key. If the ground isn’t level, an excessive amount of stress is put on the joints of the play set and bad things happen over time. We decided that the back corner of the yard was going to be the best place for it. Keep reading for the white spray paint use.

Get Out the White Spray Paint

We read the instructions online and determined the total amount of space needed. Yes, we measured twice. But, we didn’t cut at all. I learned from my days in landscaping that it is much better to visualize your finished area before you actually create it. We took a can of white spray paint and sprayed the perimeter of the bed lines that we planned to use. We read up on a basic paint booth checklist to get an idea of how to use spray paint safely while at home, so that we weren’t in danger of inhaling any toxic fumes as a result of not ventilating the area properly. Although this wasn’t a big job, and we were only using a can of paint, it taught us about how paint booths actually work!

Once this was done, we could see exactly how much of our back yard we were going to lose without actually losing it first. The worst thing that could have happened to us is that we would need to cut the grass a couple of times to make the white line disappear. I am much happier with that worst case than having to re-sod half of my back yard!

The truth is, that whether you are planning a play set or a simple landscape installation, you are always best to use a can of paint to plot your finished product. Hence, the white spray paint. It is easy to correct potential mistakes and even easier to execute on the next phase when you have a definitive border. Stay tuned as our next installment will show you exactly how we did our site prep.


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