Coupon Values, Why are They Different?

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Why are Coupon Values Different?

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Have you ever wondered why all of the different coupon values are out there every week? This is good information to know when you are a beginning couponer, so that you can be on the lookout for those inserts. Coupons vary by region. Companies put more coupons in general, and better coupons with higher dollar value, in cities where they have a wider circulation that reaches more people than smaller cities. This is why your friend in Tampa, Florida gets a $5.00 coupon, and you, in Rochester Minnesota, get a $2.00 coupon for the same exact item.

Coupon Values Differ By Populations

The average person in Tampa Florida is a 65+ year  old gentleman who is retired, with a higher income. The average person in Rochester, Minnesota is a 30 something  middle class Mother. Tampa, Florida has a population of  over 350,000 people, 28 Walgreens Stores, 8 Targets and 9 Walmarts. Rochester, Minnesota has a population of  100,000 with 2 (yes, two) Walgreens Stores, 2 Targets, and 2 Walmarts.

Even though that 65+ gentleman will most likely not use the coupon in his weekend inserts (which helps the companies as well, because those high dollar coupons don’t get redeemed, therefore the manufacturer does not have to reimburse the stores), many people in those higher populated areas will. Companies are putting more coupons, for newer products or our favorite standbys, with higher values in these more populated areas.

Because of the higher population, there is much more competition with shopping in these areas (although these manufacturers should come and try to shop in a town with only 2 stores! Then they would see competition).  Store brand items may be drastically cheaper to entice people to purchase them, so the coupon values of name brand items must  be higher to entice them to purchase name brand over store brand.

They Want to Sell Particular Products

There are some times, as well, where a particular product isn’t selling well in stores in a part of the region. Manufacturers will release a high dollar coupon for this item to boost the sale of that product. These are just some of the reasons many people today scoop up papers from more populated cities, for example, Tampa or Minneapolis, or use insert services such as Insert Insanity.  These services give those of us who are in smaller cities the ability to get these higher value coupons.  When you use an insert service you are paying for the service of those obtaining the inserts from papers in those regions, their time and the shipping fees. Manufacturer coupons from weekend inserts are able to be used all across the country (unless noted on the coupon), so that $5.00 coupon from the Tampa inserts can be used in Rochester, Minnesota as well. This way many people can take advantage of a coupon value from somewhere else when there’s isn’t as good.


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