Expired Coupons – Why Can’t I Use Them?

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Why Can’t I Use Expired Coupons?

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Have you tried to use expired coupons? How many times have you had that one coupon that you can’t wait to use to stock up on that much needed item…only for it to expire before you found the deal? I’ve been there. I believe every couponer has been there. The majority of retailers across the country do not accept manufacturer coupons after the printed expiration date. We have all heard the reason. “The store will not be reimbursed if it is submitted after the printed date.” This is only half true. While those rules are in their policy, the truth is, that the store has a longer window to “redeem” the coupon than the consumer does. This time span ranges from several weeks, to many months for the companies to be reimbursed for coupons. The coupon’s expiration date is there to push the shoppers to purchase products within a certain time frame, but the stores do have a larger window of time.

Will Stores Let Me Use Expired Coupons?

Some stores will pass that “window” of opportunity onto their shoppers.  If you are lucky enough to have a store in your area, like I do (Cub Foods), you are a one lucky shopper! Cub Foods accepts expired coupons that are up to 30 days past their expiration date. Their coupon policy is a large incentive to shop there. This is a great way to be able to take advantage of the above mentioned expired coupon for that thing you really need to replenish. You can prolong the time frame to use a given coupon a little longer and you also have a better chance of matching that coupon to a good sale in the store. That is exactly what happened to me at Cub Foods last week.

My Experience with An Expired Coupon

Because we have this perk, I have a separate binder for expired coupons that I know I’d use, given the opportunity. I was able to stock up on Ken’s Steakhouse Dressing that was on sale that week for $1.00 each. I had 23 coupons expired $1/1 manufacturer coupons, so they were all free. Because of the wonderful policy from a store like Cub Foods, I was able to have a great shop with 56% Savings.

The majority of people who are couponers though do not have this perk, so make sure you go through your binder or file system periodically to purge your expired coupons. An Overseas Coupon Program (military families can use expired coupons at their on post stores) is an organization that arranges to have your coupons that have expired sent to military families.


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  1. Angela O'Rourke says

    How can we find out if there are any stores in our area that accept expired coupons?

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