Why Do I Use Coupons? Here are My Top 10 Reasons

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Why Do I Use Coupons You Ask?

Top 10 Reasons I Use CouponsPeople that don’t understand the benefits of them, often ask me why I use coupons. “Why do you spend all that time just to save a couple bucks here & there?” I often hear. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons. The biggest one I say is that I don’t just save “a couple bucks here & there,” I save a Ton of bucks Everywhere!

For those of you who think it isn’t worth it, or that it doesn’t really save you money, let me give you my top ten reasons I use coupons. Some you’ve probably thought of, others you may not have. Some are dead serious & some kind of funny. For those of you that DO get it, perhaps there are a couple things you can add to your arsenal for the next time somebody asks you, “Why do you use coupons?”

My Top 10 Reasons to Use Coupons (David Letterman Style!)

10 – You help boost the store’s sales because they actually get reimbursed for the coupon plus a handling fee.

9 – It gives you a new outlook on finances and helps you to look for savings in other areas of your budget.

8 – You can consider it a kind of “recycling.” With all those uninformed people that toss the coupons from their newspapers, you put them to good use. So it’s GREEN and good for the environment.

7 – You get to try new products really cheap or FREE!

6 – You can literally cut your grocery bill in half, and have more, and better, products in your pantry.

5 – It’s like using monopoly money to buy groceries, and who hasn’t wanted to do that?

4 – It gives me something to be much better than my friends at and makes them green with envy. Not to mention my husband, since he claims this just “confuses him.”

3 – You get to read really cool blogs by really cool people like me at The Coupon Wizards!

2 – The adrenaline of watching those numbers at the register tick down, down, down is better than sex, and better than chocolate! OK, well, maybe not chocolate 😉

(Insert Drum Roll) And My #1 Reason….

1 – You can save money, time, and stress and have a better quality of life with your family!

I know some of those were silly, but really, aren’t most of them true? I love to use coupons and I love to teach others to use them too. Once you get really good at it, you’ll wonder where coupons have been all your life. Feel free to add to the list with your own Top 10 in the comments. Maybe I’ll make a Top 20 in the near future.

Until next time, Shop Happy!

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