Why I Switched Coupon Teams

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From the time I started couponing, I was always a binder girl. Each week I opened my inserts, flipped through them, and lovingly clipped my coupons and put them on display in my binder. I always did it after my daughter was in bed while watching tv so it never seemed like it was really time consuming. I had tried to go hybrid a few months ago – clipping only what I needed/used and filing the rest, but I’d find I missed coupons that way. So I went back to clipping all of them. It took FOREVER. Here is what my binder looks like.

Fast forward to last week – I went what could only be described as Godzilla on my coupons. I had fallen behind before and done two weeks at once, no big deal. Even with no inserts for Easter, I still had 4 weeks of inserts not fully clipped (I’d been grabbing stacks and done a redplum or a smartsource- but whole weeks were not done!).

I couldn’t stand it anymore. My desk had been overrun by inserts and piles of clipped coupons. You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I told him I hated my binder. I think he thought I’d stop couponing. NEVER. I just needed a better way. With two little ones at home, my free time is limited. So we stopped at Target and picked up a small file box.

I started with a stack of inserts. I broke them down, 10 at a time. I stapled the corners and put the insert back together. It looked like one big fat giant insert. For the in-depth version of how I did this, check out the Head Wizard’s organization post. Then I stuck it in the file folder. When I finished all the inserts from that week, I printed out the insert recap from that week. I stuck the recap in the folder, labeled the date, and stuck it in the file box. Done.

What a timesaver! I blew through 4 weeks of inserts in under an hour – and that was while I had the tv on. It went by so fast that I actually looked around to see if I had more because I couldn’t believe it took me that short a time to go through all of them.

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Now, I still have my binder for all the clipped coupons for now. I keep a small coupon organizer in my purse with tabs for each store and extra clipped coupons. I do plan on picking up one of the Couponizers that Wizard Jessica recommends. I plan to do away with my binder. As a mom, time is precious. This was a lifesaver.


  1. Tiffanie says:

    I SO needed to read this! I have been having such a hard time couponing lately because I can’t stand cutting all of them. It hurts my hands and it puts me in a horrible mood because it takes so long. I would find myself buying stuff without a coupon (gasp) because I am just so tired of cutting them and having stuff all over.
    So thank you for sharing this with me!

    • Brianne says:

      Tiffanie, it was taking me forever to get through them – then my little one would wake up and I’d have them half done…this is so much easier. Plus I won’t impulse buy because I will only have what I need

  2. kimberly

    where do I find the Insert Recap??? This is how I organize my inserts and it makes finding them a breeze………The Insert Recap would make this even better. I just love you guys!!!

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