Register Reward, Will Target Accept One?

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Will Target Accept a Register Reward?

Walgreens register rewardMany of you may have heard the newest coupon rumor and might be wondering – will Target accept a Register Reward from Walgreens? There has been some chatter that because the Register Rewards say “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top, they are being accepted at Target stores. I’m here to give you the long and the short of it.

The short answer is what it has always has been; NO. Target stores do not accept Register Rewards. I heard that from two separate supervisors at Target and I’m waiting on a call back from their corporate office. It seems that there are plenty of people trying to take advantage of the good nature of some Target stores.

There are less ethical coupon blogs out there who will throw up any documentation they can find, without bothering to verify it, just to make their readers think they will now get a better deal out of hoarding the newest moneymaker at Walgreens. Remember though, just because someone says it, doesn’t make it true.

Register Reward Explanation from Target

Walgreens RRHere is the explanation I got from one of the supervisors at Target this morning. I was told that they will happily (yes, he used happily!) accept one manufacturer coupon and one Target store coupon per item. The Register Reward issue came into play when he brought up the subject of Catalina coupons. They will accept Catalina coupons on specific items. For example, if you have a Catalina for $1/2 Campbell’s soups from a competitor, like in this picture, they will accept that. Even though it has the Meijer logo on it, they will take it. What they won’t accept though is the $5 off my next order Catalina that I got from there on Friday.

Stores Have the Right to Deny/Accept

Now, I’m sure some of you are probably thinking, they can’t do that. They can’t pick and choose which ones to accept. Yes, they absolutely can. They do not have to accept competitor coupons. They actually don’t *have* to accept any coupons, but they do, and it’s in their policy. In fact, the Target coupon policy even states that “We can’t accept coupons from other retailers.” So the fact that they are willing to even accept a Catalina on an item that may have another store’s logo on it means that they are doing you, the customer, a favor by allowing you to use it.

We come back to this mantra over and over whenever a new coupon “rumor” starts floating about. ┬áJust because it scans, does that make it right? Even with a Register Reward? The answer is pretty much always the same – nope.


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  1. Price Chopper will take Register Rewards from Walgreens as a competitors coupons as long as it says “manufacturers coupon” on it.

  2. Just a quick question but doesn’t the RR say “redeemable only at Walgreens” on it?

  3. I think if it scans you should be able to use it

  4. A coupon cannot scan at a store without being entered into the system to be recognized by the scanner. I used to be a pricing coordinator for Sun-Mart Foods (a Nash Finch company) and have also worked in the UPC office for Wal-mart. At both locations it was the responsibility of the person in my position to program the UPC codes into the front end registers. While the process differed between stores, the end result was the same. I will explain Sun-Mart’s process as it is less complicated to explain. My job as pricing coordinator was to download from the corporate office a file which contained all new UPC’s to be added to the system. Occasionally an item would have a different UPC and that is why some items would not scan at the front register. When this happened I would have to manually enter the UPC code into the system in order for it to scan at the register. My point is that if a Register Rewards coupon for Walgreens scans at Wal-mart, Target or any other store, someone had to have entered it into the system. Wouldn’t this mean that they intended (whether at corporate or store level) to accept the coupon? The UPC code for the coupon couldn’t have scanned if someone did not enter it into the system, instead it would come up as NOT ON FILE. Register Rewards are Manufacturer Coupons, which the retailer can send to the address printed on them and receive the face value of the specific reward certificate. I think stores began putting Redeemable ONLY at …. in an effort to keep the money within their store. Each store has the right to accept or refuse any coupon, and you should respect their decision to refuse a register reward certificate. However, no one should make you feel like you are doing something unethical by using one at another location that has chosen to accept it. If it scans, they intend to accept it, and they will be reimbursed because they are able to send it to the address printed on it just like the manufacturer advertised on the certificate would do.

    • (David) I think that’s pretty much verbatim what I have told people in our live webinars. While I haven’t been a scanning coordinator, I have been a store manager and am well aware of how the process works. In fact, I also had the ability to manually enter any type of UPC code into the front end system by using the administrator login. You are 100% on point with your comments.

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