DIY Window Treatments That Won’t Break The Bank!

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DIY Window Treatments

Interested in DIY window treatments? The easiest way to change the decor in a room is with the accessories, but even those can get pretty pricey! When my oldest decided she wanted to go with zebra print in her room, I looked online to see what I could find for window treatments. HOLY COW!!! I was in sticker shock when I saw this simple valance! I knew there had to be a cheaper way to jazz up her windows! Then it hit me, foam board! It’s light, it’s cheap, it’s PERFECT!

The “How To” on DIY Window Treatments

You will need:

  • Foam board
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors or Fabric Cutter
  • Craft Knife

Measure your windows on the outside of the framing. Add 4 inches to that length. (If your windows are 36″, the number you will need is 40″) This is the length you will need to cut your foam board to. The width is up to you. For the window treatment pictured, I cut it at 8 inches wide. You will also need 2 pieces for the ends cut at the same width as your larger piece and 3-5 inches long, depending on how far from the window you want them to stick out. Mine were cut at 4 inches.

Using the glue gun, attach the shorter piece of foam to the end of the longer one. I added a small scrap piece at the joint for support. Do this to both ends of the foam board.

DIY window treatments

Once you have built the frame work, you will need to cut your fabric to size. I used a top sheet from a bedding set my daughter was given. To find the dimensions for your fabric, measure the over all length of the frame, including the 2 shorter ends you added to it. Add 6 to this number. In my example, the face length was 40, plus 8 (4 inches for each of the end pieces), plus 6 to cover the ends and wrap around the back and attach the material to the foam. All that to say (using my measurements) I need a piece of fabric that is 54 inches long. For the width, add 4 to your original width number. Mine was 8″, so my fabric needs to be 12″ wide.

Once you have your fabric cut for your DIY window treatments, lay it face down on your work surface and center the foam frame over it. Using your glue gun, start at one end and attach the fabric to the foam. I did both ends first and then the edges. Fold the edges in as you would with gift wrapping to keep the corners nice and clean.

Let me tell ya, what I came up with probably isn’t the best way to hang them, but it worked in a pinch! I cut a small hole in the material and used the existing curtain rod hooks on the wall. Luckily, with the foam, it was easy to get it to slide onto the hooks. I’m sure I will have to rethink how they are hung, but for now, it works!

The best part is I am out less than $20 and have enough foam for up to 6 more of these window treatments AND my daughter is happy! Double score!! ~Shanna

DIY window treatments


  1. Love this!!!! Making one for my sons room! Thank you!!

  2. Love this! Making one for my sons room! Thank you

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