Winn Dixie Trip on 3-8 with 64% Savings

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Winn Dixie Trip from 3-8

Winn Dixie Trip Pic 3-8-15

It’s not often I make a Winn Dixie trip, but today I made an exception. I wanted to do the Kraft Cheese deal & the Kellogg’s Cereal with free milk plus a couple other items. I usually shop at Publix, as you all know, because quite frankly, I think Winn Dixie is more expensive. In fact, I added up everything I bought at Winn Dixie and then priced what it would have been at Publix. If Publix had the same sale going, I would have saved $1.86 more. I know that’s not a lot, but it all adds up!

Below is what I got today with any links to coupons that are still available. The eggs are on their 3-day sale so if you want to do that, make sure to get them by Tuesday. All together I got $106.29 in groceries for $34.71 for 64% savings. Pretty good for Winn Dixie!

Winn Dixie Trip Breakdown:

2 Trop50 Orange Juices on sale 2/$6
Used 2 $1/1 Trop50 Orange Juice coupons from 1/11 SS
OOP = 2/$4 or $2 each

2 Lay’s Chips BOGO @ $4.29
Used 1 $1/2 Lay’s Chips printable coupon (NLA)
OOP = 2/$3.29 or $1.65 each

2 Ore-Ida Bold & Crispy French Fries on sale for $2.99 each
Used 2 $1/1 Ore-Ida Bold & Crispy Product printable coupons
OOP = 2/$3.98 or $1.99 each

2 Dozen Large Eggs on sale 2/$3
No coupons used
OOP = 2/$3 or $1.50 each

4 Del Monte canned pineapple, 15.4oz on sale 10/$10
Used 4 $0.50/1 Del Monte Canned Fruit, 15oz+ coupons from 1/11 RP
OOP = 4/$2 or $0.50 each

4 Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes on sale 4/$10
1 Gallon Skim Milk (free with the above cereal)
Used 4 $1/1 Kellogg’s Cereal printable coupons from Kellogg’s Family Rewards
OOP = 4/$6 or $1.50 each + the free milk

10 Kraft Cheese Slices BOGO @ $3.49
Used 5 $1/2 Kraft Cheese Slices, Blocks or Shreds printable coupons
OOP = 10/$12.45 or $1.25 each

4 Kraft Cheese Slices (the hot varieties) BOGO @ $3.49
Used 4 $0.75/1 Kraft Slices (only the hot ones) printable coupons (NLA)
OOP = 4/$3.98 or $0.99 each

Totals from Winn Dixie Trip

Total before any coupons or discounts = $106.29
Total Savings after coupons & discounts = $67.59
Total OOP = $38.70 after cash back
Total Savings = 64% (Savings/Total b4 coupons or $67.59/$106.29) before tax

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