Wizard Amanda’s Extreme Couponing Challenge

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I took on this extreme couponing $10 challenge with many thoughts. Can I hang with the big dogs? I have no chance against a Publix or even a store that doubles. Then I thought, well I could go and hit up the drug stores and maybe Walmart. In the end my better judgment got a hold of me and I decided to do what this Military Wizard does best, the Commissary.

I know that many of you can’t shop the Commissary and maybe this is a little on the unfair side. However, in the interest of being different from everyone else, I did this challenge a little different. One, I did not use a single printable coupon. Two, I went to the Commissary. Three, I also picked up a few other things there that I needed and I would like to show you what a difference 7 items, 6 with no coupons, can make to your bottom line. As any Commissary shopper will tell you, I can’t disclose item prices for any reason. I can  give you the coupons I used and tell you my bottom line.

Coupons Used

Bayer Asprin $3/1 SS 6/24/12

Heinz Vinegar $1/1 SS 6/24/12

Planters Product $1/1 SS 6/24/12

Tabasco $0.75/1 SS 6/24/12

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 28oz or Marinades, 16oz $0.75/1SS 6/24/12


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My total for everything you see in the first picture above was actually $9.58 after coupons! Not as many items as everyone else but I am very happy with the outcome of that. The second is my entire trip including my challenge portion. When I added in just 7 more items my total bottom line before taxes jumped another $22.50! Truly amazing when you think about how a few small things can add up so quickly. Only one of the items added to my trip had a coupon for another $0.75. Honestly it didn’t make even a dent in that products purchase price. Overall, I really do feel that this challenge ended on a high note for me. One of my best Commissary trips ever, with a combined trip savings of 61% and a retail price of all the items combined at around $89.


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