Wizard Melissa Saves 70% at Hyvee & Cub

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Wizard Melissa Saves

Wizard Melissa Saves

Ready to see what Wizard Melissa scored? The Cereal stock up sales are in full swing at our local grocery stores and I hesitated to even get more because I’m fully stocked for my family, but at these prices, I could not resist. Hy-Vee has 50% off of their Kellogg’s cereals (all of them) and with that, and the killer $5/5 Kellogg’s Cereals coupon that David posted, we would have been loony not to take advantage of that. Basically the cereal came to under $1 per box, so for that price, and with two little boys who love cereal in the house, we could not go wrong.

We also took advantage of my favorite place, Cub Foods (who take expired coupons up to 3 months past the expiration date ) for some more great deals. Our total before coupons there was over $50.00 and we walked out for $15! So, our trip today to Hy-Vee and Cub consisted of these things:

Wizard Melissa 2 Store Score

15 Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal
2 Gallons 2% Milk
8 packages Texas Toast Croutons
5 Bottles Ken’s Steak House Dressing
8 Yoplait Greek Yogurts
4 Bottles Ocean Spray Juice
2 Boxes 100ct Spenda Packets
2 heads fresh broccoli
2 Axe Men’s Body Wash
3 Pillsbury Rolls
1 Bumblebee Tuna
2 Oreo Cookies

= $174.38 Retail

But we paid $50.09 after sales and coupons. This is close to a 70% savings trip and is what I strive for with my savings. It feels so good every time I haul in the bags of groceries that we get for our family with these savings.  We have no more room for anymore cereal though!

~Wizard Melissa

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