Wizard Michele’s New Year Resolutions

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Michele’s New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions 1

So what are everyone’s resolutions this year?  One of mine happens almost every year it seems. I know this will come as a shock to some of you, but mine is almost always “To become even more organized than last year.” And this year, that’s especially true where these coupons are concerned! I have my spreadsheet all updated. I have to do that each week the new coupons come out, otherwise, I begin to lose track of what was last. The problem always comes in with the coupons themselves. I have a stack of about 10 envelopes all calling my name. The inserts I get in my paper each Sunday are clipped. It’s those darn inserts that get here in the middle of the week that throw me. By the time they arrive, the “couponing bug” has passed me and they sit in a pile until Sunday. Then of course I start all over again.

This year one of my resolutions will be to separate the inserts on the day they arrive. I don’t care what I’m doing, I’ll stop and take care of it. It really only takes a few minutes. It’s the thought of doing them I guess, that throws me for a loop, but as I’m sure many of you know, the anticipation isn’t nearly as bad as the actual event. Now that I stare at these 10 stacks in front of me, it prompts me to take up my resolution again this year, except with my new-found love in mind; couponing. Anyone else feel this is the resolution for you this year?

New Year Resolution 2

Foxy Before & After Resolutions

My second of resolutions is a new one, however, and has nothing to do with couponing. This year’s resolution will be to have dinner on the table every night by 7P.M. MAX! Why is this a resolution you ask? Well let me tell you first off, it’s totally my husband’s fault! You see, he works out of the house all day now (new thing for him he’s still getting used to) so in the evenings are his only time to work on his hobby; rebuilding MY 1986 Mustang! This project is his baby and rarely a night goes by that he doesn’t do some kind of work on it. BUT, he has to be all finished for the night before he’ll even stop to eat. So this means most evenings we’re eating at 8, 9, sometimes 10 at night! Or he’s eating alone and I’m now getting ready for bed. Not good on so many levels! I haven’t informed him yet, but that’s going to stop.

The funny thing is, I remember my father doing the same thing. My brother & I would sometimes eat dinner around 6 and my father, after he was done working on whatever car was in his garage at the time, would come in and eat at 9 or 10, depending on when he finished. So there was my poor mom, going through the cleanup of two meals! Now my father & husband are not blood-related, I promise, ha! So I guess what “they” say really must be true. You really do marry a man just like your father and we women become our mothers! Well that little comparison will no longer be happening in my house. Wish me luck with both of my resolutions!


  1. it is a crazy coincidence that’s for sure!

  2. i for sure need to be more organized

  3. This is one of my main goals as well I start out organized and then it just all goes to pot!! I am determined this year to make it work!

  4. Christine Smatlak says

    I agree with your first one. I hate when i havent even touched II envelope one week and then all of a sudden the next one is already here

  5. Katie McCreary says

    Mine is the same every year but this year I am going to do It! LOSE WEIGHT!

  6. I so wish to be more organized, but I always feel it is an epic fail….so I will go with save as much money as possible…

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