Wizard Valerie’s Freezer Stockpile

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Valerie’s Freezer Stockpile

This is my current freezer stockpile, but it’s also a really good example of how to organize your freezer space. I really wanted an upright freezer, but we don’t have the space for it right now so we bought a large chest freezer and put it in the laundry room. I knew immediately that I needed freezer baskets to control the chaos. Luckily 2 plastic milk crates are perfect for the job and very cheap.

freezer stockpilefreezer stockpile

When we decided to partake in The Coupon Wizards weight loss challenge I did a little rearranging and put the unhealthy food in the bottom crate making it a ‘hassle’ to get to. The reality is that it’s not a  hassle to get to it, but don’t tell my husband! The top crate holds the chicken, ground turkey, pork and sausage. As you can see, in order to access anything, I need all I have to do is pull out the large bag of chicken and slide the baskets from one side to the other or lift them out. I can see everything in my freezer stockpile except the ice cream and pork bacon which is just fine.


freezer stockpile


The upright freezer has the fish on the top shelf and the beef is on the last shelf. Everything else you can see clearly in the photo.  Again, as soon I open the door I can see everything I need. Keeping your freezer stockpile organized is such a time saver, space saver and your freezer runs more efficiently because the air can circulate.


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  1. I LOVE IT !!!!! GREAT JOB !!!!! Time to buy more food and get a coupon for a FREE freezer, LOL.

  2. And here I thought that me and my coupon buddy were the only ones that used milk crates in our freezers! 🙂

  3. You can freeze creamer?

  4. shamefully looks away

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