Shopping Day for Wizard Valerie 1/24/11

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Wizard Valerie’s Shopping Day

Today my fever broke so what do I do? Had a shopping day of course! I had seven errands to run, which I did in 3 hours, came home, put everything away and went back to bed. I had to get those gas cards at Publix this week though! I spent 1 hour putting my shopping day together using the match ups on The Coupon Wizards.

This Shopping Day includes Publix, CVS and Walmart

Total $223.89
OOP $80.02
Saved $143.87


Total $10.64 … OOP … $4.63 … $6.01
2 Bic pens, 1/8 SS
2 White Cloud TP, $2.00 printable no longer available

I found 1 more $3/3 Nabisco coupon that I planned to use there but my store has stopped taking them. That very day a women went in and loaded 3 CARTS full of the snack cups, the Mgr refused the sale and now refuses to take the coupon. I didn’t push the issue because I can get the deal somewhere else.

Shopping Day at CVS

Total $7.58 … OOP $3.58 … Saved $4.00
1 gal milk on sale $3.79, used $1.00 ECB from last week + $1.00 MQ = $1.79 + rec’d $1.00 ECB
1 gal milk I used $1.oo ECB from 1st transaction + $1.00 MQ + $1.79 + rec’d $1.00 ECB

I bought 2 gal of milk for $3.58 and left with $1.00 ECB for next time.

Publix for everything else

Total $205.67 … OOP …  $71.81 … Saved $133.86

While I only actually needed a couple of things this shopping day, I added a few more items like the rice crackers I have never tried before because I wanted the $10.00 off $50.00 gas card with every $25.00 purchase deal Publix is running this week. What better time to try something new (to me) than when they are close to free right? Turns out they are really good!

Publix Gas Card Deal

Total $300.00 … OOP $240.00 … Saved $60.00

Who can pass up a deal like that? The store was out of the $50.00 cards and offered (2) $25.00 cards instead. I didn’t even ask them to. I truly appreciate great customer service on this great shopping day!


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Happy Couponing Everyone!


  1. I love the gas card deals at Publix!! I got 3 the first time and 2 this past week!! The manager at Customer Service said people were telling her it wasn’t a good deal! I said really because I look at it as free gas! So last time around I got $30 in free gas and this past time I got $20! Who doesn’t want free gas!!

  2. Coupon Erin says

    All it takes is one person to ruin it for everyone! Nice shopping haul anyway!

  3. I’m still not over the 3 carts of cookies! People just always have to abuse something and mess it up for the rest of us.

  4. Susan Clark says

    Great shopping trip. I can’t wait for our Publix to open here where I live. Just two more months.

  5. Rebecca S. says

    multiple carts full? seriously, why would you clear the shelfs you can get them at other places! 🙁 good trip though!

  6. Need the inspiration to plan a trip this weekend. Here in SoCal it’s hard to find great grocery deals.

  7. IF i ever have to move i am going to look for a place that has publix 🙂 They have such good deals

  8. wish i lived near Publix great trip

  9. Kleptos Mommie says

    I havent tried the publix gas thing but really need to do it. I always done the CVS thing and it worked out great for me so I am sure the publix will too.

  10. Elaine Spink says

    You had an awesome day shopping!! I love the gas card special. Hopefully, someday they will offer it here at one of the stores I shop at! You did great!! 🙂

  11. Why would someone get 3 carts full in one trip!? No wonder couponers get a bad name. With people like that.

  12. Crystal Boynton says

    That would be a lot of cookies!! I was happy with my 12 free 🙂

  13. jacci leslie says

    Our store didn’t have any Hess- they said that Hess no longer wants to be part of the deal. I was bummed because we have a Hess, BP and Walmart on 3 corners of an intersection by our house. Hess is the most convienient by far and cheaper (other than the save $.03 at walmart using their cc)- So I had to get BP – yuck. Also, they won’t let us do the 2 of the $25- said they don’t get reimbursed unless it is the $50, but they were all out of the $50, so I had to get 2 rainchecks. I wish they did this deal more often

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