Working Out With Wii

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Everyone turns over a new leaf in the new year. Many choose to go to the gym, some choose to eat healthy, and everything in between. I try to move a little each day (that doesn’t include running after kids). You can’t run outside in the snow, so we improvise.

I work out with my Wii. It’s definitely a more fun way to work out (for someone who isn’t a fan of the gym). If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot. The basic setup for a Nintendo Wii comes with the Wii Sports. Try playing a round of tennis on the Wii and tell me how you feel afterwards.

wii fitI got the Wii Fit as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and it’s the program I’ve stuck to the longest. I have gone through periods when I haven’t used it, and that machine calls me out every time. The Wii Fit comes with a whole fitness profile. You get on the Fit Board and it will give you your weight, you enter your height and get your BMI. You can plan your weight loss journey right on there (if you opt to lose too much weight in too short of a time, it won’t allow it).

You’ll also create a fitness profile. It will test your balance and other things to get a read on your skills. It’s all monitored so you really don’t have to do anything but what the program tells you to do. There are many fitness challenges you can take part in aside from the preliminary one as well as a plethora of activities to use to help get yourself a little more fit. fit shot

The cool thing is you can choose your workout! I love the obstacle course because it’s actually quite challenging. There are beginner and advanced levels to most of these activities as well, which is great because my older daughter will sometimes do them with me. You can choose to participate in activities or actual fitness workouts and at the end of each workout it tells you your calories burned and how well you did.

This is something I will consistently use – because there is so much on there. It’s impossible to get bored. Plus, you really have no idea how bad you want to actually beat the game. And, if you want to get a bit nostalgic, doing the obstacle course kind of makes you feel like Super Mario.

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  1. I’ve never tried the obstacle course- will have to give it a shot. We like the boxing on the Wii sports, you can really get a workout.

  2. I love my Wii Fit Plus. I’ve started doing it a lot more since the engagement (along with other at home exercises). It’s so easy to get addicted to the games and I love the yoga. And the kids love it too.

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