Yard Crashers Wizard Style – The Overview

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Yard Crashers Wizard Style

White Spray Pait for Play Set yard crashers

I am a glutton for punishment and, apparently, a yard crashers have nothing on me. I take on more projects than any human should agree to and then I work ridiculous hours to get them all done. In some sick and twisted way, work is therapeutic. I have told my oldest son Grayson over the years that we may not be the smartest, we may not be the best looking, but no one will ever out work us. I have a strong work ethic because my father taught me to have a strong work ethic. My boys have no choice.

Birthday Present for Yard Crashers

This year, Ethan turns 1 and Landon turns 6. Their birthdays are exactly one month apart. Annie and I decided that we would get them one really big present. With all of the kids having their faces planted in the TV and gaming systems, we wanted to do something that would encourage them to play out side more. We decided to buy them a play set. I shopped online at nearly every place I could find and was not having much luck until I found a really good deal on a set from Sam’s Club online. One would think that was the hardest part, but our work is just beginning!

Once we had a set picked out, we needed to determine what we were going to do for the yard crashers gift. Where are we going to place this monstrosity? Who is going to build it? How will we landscape it? The list could go on forever. Then an idea hit me! Let’s do it ourselves, document it through pictures and video and post it here. Of course, Andrea was all over this idea because she knew that if I was on video that I would keep my temper in check. We will see how much video is actually posted, but I can definitely guarantee you pictures. Throughout this series of “Yard Crashers” posts, we are going to walk you through the process step by step. We will show you the process we went through from how we laid things out before “breaking ground” all the way through project completion.

Follow Me On Our Ride

This should be a very interesting ride. If the final work product turns out anything at all like I picture, it will be a success. I have until Memorial Day weekend to get my “honey do” list done. All of our family is coming into town for Ethan’s Baptism and first birthday. It is most definitely the expectation that our back yard be ready for all of the yard crashers so that all of the parents can enjoy the patio and the pool. In the meantime, if you have DIY projects that you are taking on, make sure you send them to us. We would love to be able to feature our readers on the page as well.


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