You Don’t Have to be a Bitch to be an Extreme Couponer

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Ok, so maybe the first thing that’s extreme is the title of this post, but the fact of the matter is, it’s accurate.  When I look back at the seasons of Extreme Couponing on TLC, I honestly think that ALL of us would like to show most of them the “Pimp Hand”.

Why do we aspire to replicate what we see these people do?  Why do we want to mold ourselves after people that have hoarding issues and don’t know how to talk to their spouses.  I know, I know, I don’t know the whole story.  I guess that’s true.  However, there are only so many things you can do for ratings.  If you’re sellin’, I’m not buyin’.  People are altering the floor plan of their home.  They are taking away space from each other to fit that extra 500 boxes of Mac and Cheese in their “stockpile”.

Whatever happened to couples working together?  How many marriages have been ruined by financial problems because people can’t treat each other decent?  Seriously?  Have you seen the way that people are willing to talk to their spouse on national television?  Is that what they agreed to in their matrimonial vows?  I guess the “for worse” part definitely applies.

As you head into the stores in 2012, make it a point to have your attitude in check.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident and standing your ground.  I am all for it.  Lord knows I have to do it at least once a month.  However, don’t lump yourself into that category.  Don’t become one of “them”.  You should all be highly trained, polite, well-spoken even tempered Wiz Kids!  You know your stuff but you don’t have to talk down to someone to get your point across.

Ladies, if you want hubby to help, show him how much you saved.  Instead of telling him in dollars, translate it.  Tell him how much extra he can have for “poker night with the boys”.  We need to work together to cure this American epidemic of debt.  It’s a proven fact that over 90% of the kids that graduate from High School today don’t even know how to balance their check book!  Then, we send them to institutions of higher education where the first person they see is a guy that is willing to give them a FREE water bottle in exchange for a Visa application.  Four years later, they leave college with more money in debt than they will have as an annual salary for their first 2-3 years working.  Wow!  Get together as a team and fix this PROBLEM!

I don’t want to stir the pot and cause a bunch of issues with our readers.  I simply want to get your attention and reiterate something that I have talked about time and time again in our webinars.  You will get much, much further with a positive, confident attitude than you will by being combative.  Don’t put store personnel on the defensive.  They aren’t equipped to handle it.  Make a resolution this year to separate yourself from the pack.  Be the one that everyone else aspires to be.  You never know what eyes are watching and the truth is, each and every one of us is in a position to make an impact.  Let’s do it for the better in 2012.


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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! I AGREE!!!1

  2. This was a great article. I agree 100%. I can’t justify being rude to fellow couponers, retail workers or my spouse in order to save money. If I can’t make a positive impact, on others AND my household budget, I have missed out on an even bigger aspect of life.

  3. Yes! Loved this!

  4. Great post. I watch Extreme Couponing and find myself horrified. Like there was one lady who not only cleared the shelves but was proud of it, saying, “Get there before me if you want something.” Really? Do you really need thirty boxes of rice? As it is, I am always telling my sister (my couponing partner in crime) to just stick to stuff we’ll use unless it’s a moneymaker (which we can donate).

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