Spreadsheet on the iPad? Here’s How

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How to Get a Spreadsheet on an iPad

This has to be one of the questions I get asked the most. I do all of my shopping trips on a spreadsheet. I like to update my prices while in the store. I find this much easier. I also use my spreadsheets to keep a price list. It’s easier just to copy and paste the lines into my price book. Having my iPad with me in the store has simplified the process.

I do have a Bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad (thanks hubby for talking me into getting it), but I still like to do my spreadsheets on my laptop. I’ve found some pretty good apps that will let you sync your spreadsheets to your iPad. Some sync thru Bluetooth, some you have to email and some you can get by Google Docs on the Internet. I’ll cover a couple that vary in price. Of course on some of the lower priced apps, you don’t have all the functions that you will have on others. My suggestion is to start with a free or inexpensive app, see if this system of using the iPad in the store works for you then move up to a paid app.

I have found Documents2 to be a good app. It allows you to sync thru your explorer straight to your computer or you can upload a spreadsheet to Google Docs and get them on your iPad from there. This app has both a free version and one that is $1.99. Both are pretty good. My all time favorite is Docs to Go. This app is the one I use. However, it is a little pricey. There are 2 versions. One is $9.99 and one is $16.99. This app allows me to save a spreadsheet in a folder on my computer and with one button I can sync everything between that folder and my iPad.

Whatever app you use, a list is key to successful couponing and the iPad is a great way to have them on hand. Leave a comment let me know how you use your iPad in your couponing.


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  1. Elaine Spink says

    Cyndi, Thank you so much for this info. I am going to explore it. I am always on my IPad. I only use my desktop for printing coupons and a few other things. I am new to NCP and I did my practice run the other day. It did not transmit so they told me to wait until Tuesday and call back to seeif it transmitted over the weekend. I have been wondering about the IPad and the spreadsheet so I am thrilled about this post. I will explore these apps. Thank you so much! 🙂 Elaine Spink
    P.S. The only thing I use my IPad now for is to post or comment on the wall and I am on there way too much! LOL but I enjoy it so much. I also use it for doing ad match ups and I use the coupon database which I LOVE!!! I also explore the website and I have taken all the coupon webinars and the drugstore deals three times with the exception of one. I took my webinars on it also. The only thing I couldn’t do was ask questions but I am pretty knowledgeable now thanks to all of you, David and the wizkids! Thank you again!

    • Elaine you are to sweet! I am an ipad junkie!! I didn’t want hubby to get me one but I’m so happy he convinced me.

      I use mine more then my laptop now… I even have a bluetooth keyboard for it which makes it much easier to type on.

  2. The spreadsheet that is in the picture, does it come with a certain app or where did you get it? That’s what I’m looking for to use to help make my shopping trips and to calculate as close as possible to what I will be spending.


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