You’re Never Too Old for an Easter Basket

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My earliest childhood memory is at three years old. I remember my mom calling me to come out to the living room to search for my Easter basket. Within minutes, I discovered that the Easter Bunny had hidden it behind a curtain in the living room window. In it was my very first stuffed cat, which I still have by the way, and on that fateful Easter Sunday, a cat fanatic was born.

Old Easter Traditions

Growing up through the years in Syracuse, my brother and I always looked forward to Easter weekend. Being Methodists, that weekend started on Thursday evening with a dinner & Maundy Thursday commemorations. It continued with a Saturday spent helping my mom do the baking for Easter Sunday, my favorite part of finding our Easter baskets Sunday morning, getting a special treat in Sunday school and going to church with my parents & grandparents. The weekend grand finale would be an afternoon spent playing with our cousins at my Aunt Phyllis’s huge Easter gathering.

These days, the grandparents are long gone, my Aunt recently passed away, my cousins all have their own families and of course I now live down here in Florida, 1700 miles away from everyone. Easter Weekend is nothing like it used to be, but I made the decision long ago to be on my own in Florida and I knew that all the huge family celebrations & long-standing traditions, for me at least, were going to end. My husband & I have managed to make some of our own traditions, but not having our own kids, I’m afraid that my favorite part, the finding of the Easter basket, will never be experienced again.

New Easter Traditions

I’m very excited for Easter this year. Normally, it’s just me and hubby going to church, watching movies & hanging with the animals all day, having something special for dinner that night and calling it a day. If it’s a good year, we’ve even been known to splurge and buy each other a gift. This year though, for the first time in about 20 years, it will be more like the old days. My husband and I will be celebrating Easter with my parents and my brother and his family.

My Mom & Dad recently bought a winter home down here in Central Florida so my husband & I came up from Ft. Lauderdale and my brother and his family came down from NY so we could all celebrate Easter together. When we were asked to share our individual traditions with all of you, all my childhood memories came flooding back to me and made me start longing for the good ole days of Easters gone by. I’m writing this post right before I head over to their new home so when I show up, they probably won’t understand why I’m acting all nostalgic, but all of you will. I may not be able to relive all of our old customs, but hopefully now, we’ll be able to make some new ones. Maybe not the Easter basket part, but the being with family again on Easter Sunday part, definitely.

One thing about my mother though, she does always seem to know just what matters to me most. I won’t be a bit surprised if, when I wake tomorrow morning, I hear, “Michele Ann! Come find your Easter basket!” Maybe I’ll even get a new stuffed cat.

Until next time, Shop Happy and Hoppy Easter to you and yours! ~ Michele

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