You’re Never Too Young to Coupon

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Never Too Young to Coupon?

too young to couponThink you’re too young to coupon? After spending the last three plus years teaching people how to effectively and ethically coupon, I have seen a little bit of everything. From people who argue that it’s OK to photocopy coupons, to people that blatantly use the wrong coupon on the wrong item. It honestly gets pretty disgusting. However, every once in a while (on a good week) I get an email or a note in the mail from someone who makes the countless hours invested in our websites all worthwhile. Yesterday was one of those days for me. With the ridiculous volume of whole coupon inserts we had to ship for Insert Insanity, paired with an equally ridiculous amount of clipped coupons for Wiz Clipz, I knew I was going to have a bad day when I got out of bed. However, it all went much smoother than I ever would have expected. As I was sitting in my office putting a wrap on a very productive day, one of my young team members, Ryan, came in and handed me a letter. Now, I have to tell you that Ryan’s mom told me he had a letter for me earlier in the week, so I came in expecting it. When I hadn’t gotten it as everyone was leaving, I called Ryan in and asked for it. In a cynical way, I suppose I was expecting it to be a fundraising request or something he needed me to fill out for his teachers at school showing he is gaining real world experience. What I got was so much more.

Dear Mr. David:

I am writing this to thank you for the credit for Wiz Clipz and Insert Insanity, but also to tell you what I did with the coupons. The first thing I did was watch webinars with my mom. Next, she took me to Publix and taught me about sales, BOGO, etc. Finally, we bought almost $1100 worth of food, like cereal and vegetables.


Now, I knew that Ryan was working on a project for Scouts. I knew that he was working to put together a food pantry for those less fortunate or something along those lines. As couponers, we are sometimes immune to hearing those things because we hear them all the time. Everyone has a cause they are donating to or a food pantry they are stocking. At some point, you just begin to tune it out and focus on the task at hand because literally, everyone has something they are donating to. I think that it’s great that most couponers are generous people. However, most couponers aren’t 11-12 years old. For Ryan to be able to understand the concepts of coupons, BOGO sales and everything that he had to learn to buy $1100 worth of food for less than $100 out of pocket is phenomenal.  In addition to demonstrating an amazingly generous spirit, Ryan taught me that our children really do pay attention to us (even if we think they don’t).  He also taught me that kids are never too young to start learning. Noted author Dave Ramsey has a saying about his parents:

“When I was a kid I didn’t think my parents had money or sex because they didn’t talk about either. When I got older and moved out of the house, I realized they had both.”

I keep that quote in mind when dealing with my boys. I don’t keep secrets from them because I want them to know everything that they need to know to be ready for the real world. Ryan, congratulations on a job well done and may you be blessed beyond measure for all of your hard work and diligence. You can rest assured that I am in your corner for any project you choose to undertake.


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  1. Inspirational to say the least. I was thinking about you this weekend because as soon as I saw how many inserts we were getting last weekend I placed my advance order for 20 and was wondering just how many were doing the same thing as I did. And then I saw that you were sold out and knew that you were, not that I was really wondering, it was a no brainer!

    So thank you for all your hard work and getting the inserts in the mail today so that I can maybe get them by the end of the week on the West Coast. Even though I have closer options, you have consistently worked every order I have given you, 4 so far through either Insert Insanity or Wiz Clips. I have recommended you to everybody I can. You are the best David and very much appreciated by me…

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