Zaycon Fresh – Boneless Skinless Chicken ALA $1.39 a Pound!

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Zaycon Fresh Chicken Event

Zaycon Fresh Chicken Pic

Zaycon Fresh is offering a coupon code, through 5/11/18, for fresh chicken breast as low as $1.39 a pound! How it’s working is, order 1 case, use coupon code ONECASE at checkout to drop the price to $1.49 a pound. OR order 2 or more (really stock up, split with a friend or relative) and use coupon code 2ORMORE at checkout and your price will drop to just $1.39 a pound. Wowzers! This is how I buy the majority of our meat we use. We’ve done the ground beef & chicken. I haven’t done the pork chops yet, but it’s on my list. That’s about it for meat we buy, but they also have bacon, seafood, steaks; just about any kind of meat you can think of, all at outstanding prices!

You’ve never heard of Zaycon Fresh??? Well let me introduce you to them. Zaycon is a traveling meat market. They find the highest quality meat, along with the best prices and bring it right to your city! They deliver it in a freezer truck so it comes to you partially frozen. They do all the work, all you have to do is register for an account on their site, find your city, place your order, and pick up your order on your delivery date, portion it out for your freezer when you get home and you’re done!

Save Money with Zaycon Fresh

Zaycon Fresh Truck PicHow can you save money? We’ll use the ground beef as an example since I just got that recently. If you use it in your house, this is a deal you definitely want to look at. A few months ago, I was after the 93/7 lean ground beef at my Publix. I paid $5.48 a pound. With Zaycon Fresh, I got 40 lbs for just $118 after the 22% off coupon they had available. That dropped it to just $2.95 a pound. You can’t beat that deal with a stick!

Zaycon is probably most well known for their Chicken Events. That’s how I got started about 4 years ago and have been ordering my chicken from them ever since. You can’t beat the quality or the price. You can always get a great deal with them, but to save even more, wait for a coupon code like this one to come around. They release a few a year, but even if you miss one and are running low on meat, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the best quality & prices anytime. Zaycon Fresh was even featured on Good Morning America. For more information about how Zaycon works, watch the video below!

Zaycon Good Morning America Video

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